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Land of the Large Spoons Revisited

By Chocolateandoranges
I had a groupon that was expiring in a few weeks and needed a break - so I checked out local restaurant 4580 this evening.   It was my first visit and I was pretty happy with the results, everything was tasty and I didn't feel stuffed and unhappy afterwards.  I think I'm finally learning to appreciate reasonable size portions at restaurants.  I still have the occasional twinge of '$20 for that?!' but overall I'd rather have a reasonable meal than 5 lbs of fajitas or whatever.  Because while I *know* I can always just take home leftovers, in reality I don't do it near as often as I should.  It tastes good and it's there so I just keep eating until I realize I've eaten too much and now I'm miserable.   I need to work on that whole intuitive eating thing....
So anyway....4580 had reasonable portions and a great menu with lots of local veggies.  My meal started with a glass of wine and a small bread plate (which I saved to accompany the next course):
land of the large spoons revisited
Next up was roasted tomato soup which was served in a very small bowl (kind of hard to see the perspective in the picture below but it was small) with a very large spoon.  It was delicious but I felt kind of silly eating it.  It reminded me of my trip to Croatia a few years back - I called it the 'land of the large spoons' because no matter what you were eating (soup, yogurt, ice cream) you got a HUGE spoon with it.  They barely even fit in the yogurt cups, it was kind of ridiculous.  The only other choice seemed to be stirrer-type spoons for coffee which were comically tiny in contrast and not really useful either.   Despite the awkward serving implements the soup was yummy and satisfied my tomato craving (I had been debating between a red sauce pasta and my ultimate choice of entree so this was a great compromise).
land of the large spoons revisited
My entree choice was the 'harvest crepes' with mushroom, chard, and root veggie (squash I believe?) filling plus greens and a light brie sauce.  I felt good eating this and it was delicious not to mention absolutely beautiful.
land of the large spoons revisited
Back at home dessert was a perfectly ripe pear that was calling my name and a few spoonfuls of stonyfield gotta have java frozen yogurt which is my new obsession.
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