LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

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LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

"This photo was taken during the sunrise at Lake Apo"

About 12 kilometers from Valencia City proper is the famous circular rift lake called "Lake Apo" in Barangay Guinoyoran. This lake has an approximate area of 24 hectares and a depth of 85 ft. according to Dr. Almer Alfonso our host resident and a well respected leader of the locality of which through him and the locality's efforts the lake has been dubbed as the cleanest landlocked body of water in Northern Mindanao.
Last Satruday in an early morning at 4:00 o'clock October 08, 2011 Pinay Travelista and I mount our backpacks ready to set foot, our destination? Lake Apo!  We were invited to spend weekend at the rest house of Dr. Almer Alfonso located right beside the famous lake, along with Ms. Arlene Collado, the lady behind "Pinay Travels." 

LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

While waiting at the Alfonso residence, we busily take photos
of the beautiful daisy flowers at their table while  Mrs. Alfonso
served us some goodies and water.

True blooded blogger as I am! I got so excited about the thought of visiting the lake. During my travel to Davao last 2008, while passing at the vicinity my friends were telling me intriguing stories about the said lake. "At last! this is the time," as i thought about it three days ago before the trip.

LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

Pinay Travelista excitingly pose with Dr. Alfonso,
 while preparing for our departure.

As we arrived in Valencia City and met with Ms. Arlene Collado who arrived two days ahead of us, we decided to have lunch at a certain mall and proceeded to shop some grocery supply afterwards. We were really excited as we in many times asked Ms. Arlene about when and where Dr. Alfonso will meet us ^^ so she is pressured to ask the latter of where we should go. 
Dr. Alfonso instructed us to dropped by at their residence and he will fetch us there and right away will proceed to their rest house. So we hurried and take a "rila" to their residence. In some minutes, Dr. Alfonso arrived at their residence with his son who came from rescuing a friend's car that was stuck in the mud. Then the first meet and greet followed. I shyly offered my hand to Dr. Alfonso for the first time :) which he warmly accepted with a smile.
LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

 According to Dr. Alfonso, you can go to Lake Apo in two ways. That is taking the northern provincial road which is right at the corner of Jollibee, while the other one is taking the south entrance. Taking the north entrance has approximately 12 kilometer in distance while the south entrance approximately will take 7 kilometers highway ride and another 7 kilometers ride going up to the lake, in total 14 kilometers. We decided to take the south entrance of which according to Dr. Alfonso is more interesting and to find out why, here it is!
LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

Along the way is the locally acclaimed Musuan Peak or most popularly known as Mt. Calayo, because it is said to be a dormant volcano. Mt. Calayo has an area of approximately 18 hectares and stands at approximately 650 meters high, and by just looking at its shape, it looks like this dormant volcano has no recorded eruption yet, but according to the local folks it has its last recorded eruption in 1867.
LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

Dr. Alfonso also toured us at the Philippine Carabao Center at Musuan, Central Mindanao University and had a little chat with the staff of the Buffalo Milk Products Sales Center. We had the chance of tasting their products. They sold milk based products such as fresh milk, yogurt, pastillas,white cheese and was fresh and delicious, the yogurt!
LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

Dr. Alfonso also gratefully drove us inside and around Central Mindanao University and I am very happy of what I saw inside. Everything is in order, no garbage  and etc. just like how it looks like outside, while traveling in their highways, everything is green...many student are doing their respective sports while other are busy walking and chatting with friends. There were dormitories and colleges uniquely built according to the courses they offered. Just like the school for agriculture, it is surrounded by a vast forest.
LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

We had the chance to see different variety of rice in the Philippine Rice Research Institute. Though, we didn't had enough time to get to know each of them, I am looking forward that in my next visit i could have plenty of time to do so.
LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

I have been passing Valencia City every time I travel to Davao and General Santos City, but it never occurred in my imagination and in my thoughts that there are plenty of resorts within its area. Dr. Alfonso was really keen on introducing things that I don't know about their place. He brought us to several resorts and had the chance of seeing them, though not experience them. I promise in my next visit, I will allocate enough time to experience each resorts  as what I am doing here in Iligan.

LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

Photo: Some accommodating rooms at
RR's Family Spring Resort.

We visited several resorts like RR Family Spring Resort where the Pulangi River is visible. By looking at the picture above, you can tell what the resort has to offer. Hmmm...for me its the best among the rest of the resort that we visited...clean and organized parking lots, children playgrounds, and beside the expected amenities...what strikes me most is their first aid clinic right beside at their entrance...I've been to many travels, but not a single of the accommodation that I stay with has a first aid clinic at their resort. 

LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

This is a photo of the electric light at the rest house of which
electricity is generated and stored from the solar
panels installed at the rooftop.

Due to some problem with the vehicle and the "roller coaster" ride we arrived at the rest house late, but it didn't extinguished our excitement and expectations. When we arrived we were greeted by silhouette from the light of the traditional lamp---prior to that, Dr. Alfonso informed us that he doesn't have electric connection in his rest house except those electric from solar panels and the lamp serves as their main source of light---which would also mean, no internet!

LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

This lamps are scattered in every part and corner
at the Alfonso rest house at Lake Apo.

We excitedly run around and stroll---while Dr. Alfonso was busy introducing the people at the rest house. We were all so busy and we excitingly took pictures in every corner of the rest house and most especially outside. Tired from the travel, we repose with an unsatisfied expectations that night...yes, because its dark and we didn't see much of the lake--then the morning comes...I was awakened by a high pitch tone calling my name...I hurriedly run outside in panic...well having heard of my friends cry of excitement, I can't find my camera!

LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

Sunrise view of the Lake Apo

Yes! definitely this is the reason of our early morning panic. The wonderful beauty of the lake greeted us. It was calm, serene and even tranquil. As i walk towards the edge of the lake...I remembered a very fitting line of the poem I happen to read in our university news paper that would describe it "from the millions of the things in the world unknown, some hidden and some are perfectly shown," Truly, this is a perfect beauty being shown to me and I have known it and even witness it. Mindanao is really endowed with a variety of natural beauty. The Iliganons may have our waterfalls to brag about, yet the people of Valencia has their Lake Apo to co-equally matched up with in terms of beauty, and uniqueness.

LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

Photo: Showing the view of the Lake Apo from
the Rest House swimming pool.

LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

After breakfast in the middle of the lake, the group spend time
 at the floating cottage, chatting and story telling.

Before lunch we intently go on for further adventure. Well, we had a rough road adventure the other night! We decided to climb the highest peak  at Lake Apo. We set foot at the highest peak and from my observation, it looks like Lake Apo is a mouth of volcano that erupted so many years ago.
LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

After having our lunch Pinay Travelista and I are so excited to try the Rest House toys for the big boys and girls....For the first time we tried "Kayaking"...It was fun riding the kayak own my own and learning to paddle alone, but it didn't shutter me because my father used to be a fisherman and we own some boat back then. 
At first it was scary as Pinay Travelista puts it as she had a hard time balancing while paddling, but we both enjoyed it...Ms. Arlene is so afraid that she enjoyed and make busy herself taking pictures of us.

LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

My first Kayak experience at Lake Apo,
courtesy of Dr. Alfonso

Another ride which we all tried is Canoe. I served as the captain paddler and Pinay Travelista as my assistant and Ms. Arlene is our shaking passenger. Yes, every time the canoe moves when i paddle she shakes and tremble...and that was cute! I am so glad that we are able to convince her to ride with us. Then the ultimate ride at the Rest House...the jet-ski. Driving is not really my piece of cake!...Let Pinay Travelista to drive and  I just had a hitch at her back. Obviously, she really enjoyed driving and maneuvering as she increase the speed while I was tightly holding at her life vests, startled and almost becoming a statue.

LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

I would like to thanks Dr. Almer Alfonso and family for being gracious and hospitable enough in accommodating us. Truly your generosity in offering your rest house and inviting us to visit Lake Apo made our travel visit the most memorable one and had an enjoyable moments that is worth remembering and to tell...
LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

I would like to express my concern also that if you happen to visit Lake Apo please refrain from doing things that might destroy its beauty. Please and please practice proper disposal of your garbage...Dr.Alfonso and the local leadership is doing their best to preserve its serene beauty...lets not put their efforts in vain.

LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

Photo: Showing eroded roads on the way to Lake Apo.

On the other hand, I have no other means, but through this blog, I would like to call the attention of the respective people who are in-charge of the management of their roads...My gracious Lord!...don't wait a hurtful accident will happen before you could fix your "lake like" and "roller coaster like " roads?...

LAKE APO|Valencia City|Bukidnon|Philippines

Map Showing Valencia City and the
neighboring provinces.

I hope in my next visit, I can proudly blog about your road rehabilitation and improvement...certainly that will make me happy...and I believe especially, the farmer residents and your constituents will be much more happy.

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