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Lackey Is Now Officially The Bottom of the Barrel

By Theomnipotentq @TheMightyQuinn
Lackey Is Now Officially The Bottom of the BarrelJohn Lackey was given 11 runs by the Red Sox offense last night, and for just about any other pitcher, it would mean a victory.
But Lackey pulled an A.J. Burnett last night, and allowed eight runs to the woeful Orioles, and Terry Francona wisely pulled the plug with one out in the fifth, so Lackluster couldn't get a win he clearly did not deserve.
It was the ninth time this season that Lackey has allowed more earned runs in a start than innings he pitched. Talk about putrid.
And if that wasn't bad enough, my friend Derek at SawxBlog points out that Lackey now has an ERA of 6.39, and if he doesn't pitch again in this regular season, he will earn a very dubious distinction: he will have the worst ERA of any qualifying Red Sox starter in team history.
Now, think about that for a second. The Sox have been in the American League for 111 seasons, and have some awful pitchers on some really awful teams. But Lackey will be the Worst of the Worst.
Do you really want to see this guy with a ball in his hands in any meaningful situation this coming October?
I can't think of a single reason the Red Sox shouldn't eat the remaining three years of his deal, no matter how much it is, and release him this winter.

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