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L'Ecailler Du Pichet in the 8th: Little Sister Holds Her Own Quite Well.

By Johntalbott

Mayjune 2012 001
6.0 L'Ecailler du Pichet, 68 Rue Pierre-Charron in the 8th, (Metro: FDR), closed Saturday lunch and Sundays, is the new offshoot of the Pichet de Paris whose awning says Pichet de Paris:Ecailler so one can be excused for drifting into the wrong place, as my dining partner did and as my host thought I'd reserved at.

Mayjune 2012 008
Its next-door older sib is referred as both a "Brasserie atypique" and "la mythique brasserie du quartier" by different websites - go figure! - and has the same offerings, as much as I could see. 

Mayjune 2012 003
While waiting they gave us a very nice portion of teeny tiny shrimp which we ate with a passion.

Mayjune 2012 006
It was tempting to try the seafood platter for two at 60 some Euros but I elected instead to have three Belons N⁰1 while Madame rested her oars.

Mayjune 2012 004

Mayjune 2012 005


My Bay Area friend ordered the fish marmite in a bouillabaisse fashion, which got them off the hook of rotely duplicating this classic Marseille dish, and allowed them to provide a rich broth with lots of scallop corals and potatoes along with an unidentified white fish (all quite tasty), while I had the roasted sardines with fleur de sel which I found more tasty when scraped off.

Mayjune 2012 007
She, admittedly pushed a bit by me, ordered the baba for dessert and it was fine with a taste that was either really smoky rum or a hint of cinnamon, it matter not which - it was very good.

Mayjune 2012 002
With one apero, a bottle of fine ever-so-slightly-chilled-properly Brouilly and two coffees, our bill was 104 E.

Go?  For the 8th/Champs-Elysees-seafood-type places, I'd say it ranks as highly as one could wish.

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