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Kudos to Womankind

By Addietellsall @Addietellsall

Kudos to Womankind


   I'm back, sorry about the two day sabbatical, was in the field doing research. What research was that you ask, well in those two days I had a fabulous girl's night consisting of  a full bottle of sweet delicious red wine, some earth-friendly party favors, celebrity trash TV, and the company of my best girlfriend of nine years. In those 6hrs of girl time I talked about everything from my marriage, my job, my new diet regime for this week, my future dream home, all my life fear, and back around to my new Fall wardrobe I predict for myself this season even though my bank account is currently at $2.75. Yes you read that right, don't turn back now, it's too scary.
   Ladies this entry is dedicated to you. Sometimes I don't understand myself, sometimes my emotions are all over the place, and 100% of the time I hate having to paint my nails every other week or shave my pit hair every 4days but with all that said, I love being a woman. There are so many dimensions to being a woman that it's mind blowing, I've never met another species on earth that spin through so many emotions in that short of a time span. One minute I was laughing my ass off about a high school memory I shared with Lillian, the next we were discussing male erections and the art of blowjobs, then critiquing Kim Kardashian wedding. Most enlightening, I discovered I really don't care for Kim Kardashian, I don't not like her, but I don't like her at the same time, I don't really know her, I'm indifferent and that's okay. It's almost like I broke this dreamt up silent girl-code that you had to care about this media-pushed VIP person in our society and that if anyone in America found this out I would be ousted like a leper. You know the only reason I chose to follow her on Twitter was because I somehow hoped it would better my chances of getting my blog noticed by someone else higher up with powerful connections. Isn't that sad, sickening, and fucking ridiculous all wrapped up in a big pretty pink freaking bow?! None of that would have been discovered if I was having pizza and beer with my husband on a Tuesday night. Sorry hubby, I love you but that is just the way it is.
   So to wrap it up here ladies, if you have an amazing girl friend out there that's listened to all your nights of ranting and raving about bullshit, men, sex, and makeup techniques give her a shout out! Lillian I love you, your my rock, sanity, and heart.
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