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Krav Maga and Weight Training: A Potent Combination to Achieve Next Level Fitness

By Becca1122 @fitnesscrazedd

We are living in an era where we have a plethora of options of exercise methods. We are bombarded with advertisements and testimonials which make it harder to decide what will give us results that will be sustainable in the long run. In order to achieve a higher level of fitness both physically and mentally; one must focus on building stamina, improving heart health, increase muscle mass and loose fat. For this reason, Krav Maga and weight training prove to be a powerful combination.

Krav maga provides you with adequate knowledge of self-defense techniques and combat strikes along with a philosophy of maintaining a calm and measured mind to response in stressful situations. The combination and focus drills in krav Maga makes one rapid thinker and synchronizes movements. Krav Maga drills require one to be on the move, build agility, develop powerful hits with legs and hands. Furthermore, this combat fighting system is made for real-life situations. It comprises of deadly strikes and counterattack techniques targeting vulnerable spots. It is useful for anyone who wants to learn effective self-defense and improving mind and physical health at the same time.

On the other hand, weight training makes one use target muscle group. This kind of focused and isolated movements, if done correctly, improves a person's ability to perform taxing physical tasks as well as normal, everyday activities-like bringing in the groceries and playing with the dog. It also increases the strength of connective tissue, muscles and tendons, decreasing risk for injury. Increased bone density reduces the risk of fractures, especially in older adults. And protecting the body against osteoporosis may also lead to improvement in balance, resulting in fewer falls. Weight training is a proven method to increase muscle mass and bone density and burn more calories even while resting. This helps to fire up metabolism and keep body stronger and more able in older age.

Both Krav Maga and Weight training raises heart rate and is beneficial in maintaining good heart health. This combination is an all rounder approach to take one's fitness to the next level and leading a healthier and safer life.

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