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By Nhorsman11
Hey Ladies,I hope you all had a wonderful week!!I seen a mani a while ago, I can't remember where or who's ideait is. I want to please invite you to let me know whohad a similar mani like mine.Hers was a different color on each nail and it was a full nail design. I want to let her know, "Great Job!!"I used CC Yum Gum, OPI Alpine Snow stamped with Konad Black. M57?I love the look, I think next time I need to do the french part a little higher.****KOTD****FRIDAY*******
Next week I am getting a Kindle. I am very excited!!Do you have one and what do you think of yours??I just really want to know if it is better than my local oneof the Kodo reader???I am ordering online from Amazon cuz I am in Can. So,I just wondered if it is worth it or if it's the same thing.The pricing is the exact same so......I hope to hear from you, Thank you for taking the time to come see me. I wish you all an awesome weekend!!Nicky

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