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Korea’s Luxury Beauty Brand SULWHASOO Launches in Sephora Canada

By A Beauty Feature @abeautyfeature

Luxury beauty brand, SULWHASOO launches in Sephora Canada to offer ultimate skin solutions for self-care and holistic beauty.

Based on time-honored Asian wisdom and philosophy, Sulwhasoo presents a comprehensive skin solution inspired by the theory of yin and yang and the theory of the seven-year cycle. Sulwhasoo pursues holistic beauty by reinventing precious medicinal herbs known for thousands of years with modern skin science technologies.

SULWHASOO is the first beauty brand to transform the legendary Korean Ginseng into skincare application and has been cultivating the highest quality of precious Korean Ginseng. For over 50 years through research and technology to uncover Ginseng’s potent skincare benefits.

Korea's Luxury Beauty Brand SULWHASOO Launches in Sephora Canada

Korea’s Luxury Beauty Brand SULWHASOO Launches in Sephora Canada

The entire Ginseng plant, from root to flower, is used to deliver long-lasting moisture and anti-aging benefits. Ginseng’s anti-aging saponin is successfully delivered to the skin through Sulwhasoo’s Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Collection. Which includes Sulwhasoo’s heritage product, the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream.

Sulwhasoo’s signature product is the First Care Activating Serum, a bestseller that sells every 10 seconds in Korea. This iconic product of over 20 years is a quintessential first step in any skincare routine in order to boost the absorption, usage and results of subsequent skincare products.

Its unique anti-aging formula JAUM Balancing Complex

contains an optimal blend of Peony, White Lily, Solomon’s Seal, Rehmannia and Sacred Lotus; 5 precious ingredients that were selected from over 3000 Korean herbal ingredients found in ancient studies.

Other product offerings at Sephora Canada range from the Essential Collection, the Bloomstay Vitalizing Collection, Cleansers, as well as Mask products.

SULWHASOO’s Signature Beauty Rituals emphasize on mind and body wellness for healthier-looking skin. The unique beauty application methods utilize pressure points to calm the senses and promote ultimate, much-needed self-care.

Korea’s Luxury Beauty Brand SULWHASOO Launches in Sephora Canada

SULWHASOO is available on  Developed in 1966, SULWHASOO is Korea’s luxury beauty brand, emulating perpetual holistic beauty, rooted in tradition with the philosophy of harmony and balance in nature.

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