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Kooky Nail Wraps - Going For Gold!

By Thebeautyscoop
Kooky Nail Wraps - Going For Gold!Hello my lovelies, I'm having terrible internet connection issues at the moment, hence why I haven't been around so much for a while. I'm hoping this is starting to change for the better now that we've had some engineers working on it, so that I can finally get back to doing what I enjoy!
Anyway, I saw this in my inbox and thought they looked rather cool - perfect for the upcoming Olympics, and also for any other British celebrations - if I'd been online sooner, I'd have totally recommended these for your Jubilee celebrations! They're by Kooky Nails, who, in my opinion, come up with fabulous designs on a regular basis and whose nail wraps I get on really well with; and I think they'll set you back about a fiver per set, available from
Do we likey? x

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