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Koheler Numi, the World’s Most Technologically Advanced Toilet

By Vecie78 @NeverSayCool

For generations the toilet has served one simple purpose, as a vehicle for the disposal of natural human waste. Well, this is the 21st century, a world where anything is possible and one in which if you pay enough money you can have whatever you desire.  Enter the Numi, Kohler’s toilet equivalent of a jack of all trades, a real commode of technological innovation. From a design perspective, it’s chic and very minimalistic, as if to convey that it’s ahead of the times, almost prophesying a revolutionary future of cleanliness that we are not yet a part of. This is only further emphasised by its many features and functions, some of which are very ultramodern for a toilet.

Koheler Numi, the world’s most technologically advanced toilet

So then, what functions does this so called ‘special’ lavatory feature?

Well for starters, it has a motion activated lid and seat, so you never have to strain those tired limbs of yours again to do your business. No time to wipe? Well, you’re in luck! With its Advanced Bidet functionality and integrated air driver you never have to reach for the roll again. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. ‘That’s all very well’, I hear you ask, ‘but it can be hard to relax on the john, especially when it’s oh so quiet around’. Don’t despair, with the Numi’s built in speakers, radio and audio input jack you can get down whilst sitting down. Want to expel in the dark? With Numi’s Illuminated panels you can do just that! Hate the smell of your own ordure? The built in deodorizer will make sure the room smells as fresh as a daisy. Still got cold feet? Why not turn on the Numi’s feet warming function to toast those icy hoofs of yours…

Koheler Numi, the world’s most technologically advanced toilet

With all things considered, the Numi really does have it all and is undoubtedly one of the World’s most advanced bathroom toilets that I have ever seen, and in more ways than one this truly is a throne fit for a king. What’s even more mind boggling is that for something so technologically innovative it is still extremely easy to use, with a multi-functional remote control provided so that you never even have to move a muscle to use any of its features. That’s not to mention that you’re also making savings with its automatic flush system.

However, there is a catch, priced at $6,390 or around £3,900 it’s going to set you back a fair bit, but as they say, ‘you get what you pay for’. I suppose it depends how rich you are. Nonetheless, with real user customisation functionality, you can tailor make your lavatory experience to be exactly how you want it. Some would say that is priceless!

Koheler Numi, the world’s most technologically advanced toilet

Koheler Numi, the world’s most technologically advanced toilet

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