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Kodak No.1 Circular Snapshots

By Gerard @presurfer
Kodak No.1 Circular Snapshotsimage credit
The Kodak No.1 camera, invented by American George Eastman, was a simple, leather-covered wooden box - small and light enough to be held in the hands. Taking a photograph with the Kodak was very easy, requiring only three simple actions; turning the key, pulling the string, and pressing the button.
The Kodak No.1 produced circular snapshots, two and a half inches in diameter. The Kodak was sold already loaded with enough paper-based roll film to take one hundred photographs. After the film had been exposed, the entire camera was returned to the factory for the film to be developed and printed. The camera, reloaded with fresh film, was then returned to its owner, together with a set of prints.The Presurfer

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