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Know Thy Self to Love Thy Self

By Tranquilitynow @TranquilityNow1

Image: Sujin Jetkasettakorn /

There is something to be said about having the best relationship ever with the most important person in the world: you. You are your own cheerleader, best friend, and worst enemy. You are there for yourself through everything in life.

Spending so much time with this special person lends a very extraordinary relationship where you end up knowing the most about yourself, even if you don’t realize that you know it. Case in point: as I reflected on the causes and/or triggers for my anxiety, I learned a lot about myself that was already there, waiting for me to discover. I learned I had an emotional dependence on alcohol, that social situations aren’t as bad I as made them out to be, and that loving my flawed anxious self will help to make my anxiety manageable.

Self-reflection and cognitive therapy also helped me also to realize that I’m pretty great. I’m funny, a good listener, a go-getter, and I have a tremendous amount of confidence. Who knew? Anxiety and various other traumas in my life had left me enclosed in a shell. Once I broke free from that shell and got to know myself, I found the world to be a better place and not the scary thing I had made it out to be.

So be good to you because you are all you’ve got.

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