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Know More About Corporate Excel Skills Test

Posted on the 15 June 2019 by Ssankarr

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet used for calculations, financial statements, and such purposes. Business enterprises will need employees who are capable of working on the spreadsheets with ease. This will, of course, depend on the nature of the business and the ERP systems used. But, most enterprises have a use for the Microsoft Office package in more ways than one.

Here, it depends on the level and the requirements of the job to decide how much a candidate should be able to work with Microsoft Office. Basic and entry-level jobs do not ask for complex skills. Knowing how to operate the computer, being able to key in the details, use the print, basic pre-defined functions in the spreadsheet, etc. are sufficient skills. But when enterprises are looking for candidates for a complex job they will need to conduct tests for medium or advanced level skills.

Know More about Corporate Excel Skills Test

The Excel skills test can be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the business and the job description. The process of conducting the test is quite easy these days. Companies have mushroomed with the intention of helping enterprises conduct the pre-employment tests for the candidates. The tests are conducted virtually and the candidates can sit for the test from their existing locations. The companies also assess and shortlist the eligible candidates based on the results of the test.

An HR team of the enterprise works with an Advisor from the company to either pick an existing test form or design a new one using the resources they provide or add questions specific to the requirements of the enterprise. Once the test form is finalized the date for the test is announced and the candidates who have applied for the job are informed about it. The company handles the process of conducting the test and analysing the results while the enterprise can focus on other aspects in the meantime.

The Excel skills test can be exclusively a test conducted about the working and operations of the Excel spreadsheet or it can be a mix of skills and behavioural test. Let us look at some types of Excel-based tests that can be conducted by the companies.

The test form can be a simple multiple choice question or it may use an interactive software where the candidates will have to use the spreadsheets to solve the questions or a combination of both. The tests can be divided into basic, intermediate, and advanced levels depending on the position for which the candidates are applying for.

  • Basic level test
    • Conducted for entry-level and administrative jobs.
    • Creating basic charts.
    • Saving files in multiple formats.
    • Using existing functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, COUNT, MAX, etc.
    • Formatting cells by using functions like date, currency, number, etc.
    • Adding borders, aligning the text, text wrapping, cells merging, etc.
  • Intermediate level test
    • Along with the basic skills, the tests will include a few complex tasks.
    • Conditional formatting, print layouts, margin adjustments, etc.
    • Using sophisticated formulae for complex calculations.
    • Customizing charts, validating data, text strings, etc.
  • Advanced level test
    • Use of full range Excel features to work on accounting, financial, large databases, etc.
    • Using group and outline features.
    • Locking cells, creating new formulae to suit the requirements.
    • Setting up databases and managing them.
    • Creating and using Pivot tables and charts.
    • Using Macros and security features to keep the spreadsheet and the information safe.

Every test is conducted for a specific time duration during which the candidates have to answer the questions to the best of their knowledge. The Excel skills test ensures that candidates with the knowledge and the ability to use the knowledge correctly fare better than others.

When behavioural or aptitude testing is also attached to the skills test, it helps companies and enterprises assess how an employee can sustain in the work environment while dealing with fellow employees on a face to face basis. The ability to work efficiently under pressure is a crucial aspect when enterprises shortlist and choose candidates. These candidates promise immense growth for themselves and for the business enterprise.

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Know More about Corporate Excel Skills Test
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Know More about Corporate Excel Skills Test

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