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Know India’s Top Chef’s Best-Loved Biriyani’s!

Posted on the 03 August 2018 by Health_news
Know India’s Top Chef’s Best-Loved Biriyani’s!

Biriyani doesn't need any introduction. Its heavenly aromatic and one of the most loved delicacies, Indians across the globes like to have the dish either for lunch or dinner. Mughals were the first to introduce biriyani and Arabs exposed it to other parts of the world.

The style of cooking of biriyani in South and North India remains different. You will find numerous regional variation of the dish. Let's see which biriyani is India's top chef's choice.

Sanjeev Kapoor - Hyderabadi Mutton Biriyani

The spicy and tangy Hyderabadi biriyani is most people first choice. The marinated mutton cooked with long grain basmati rice and whole spices on low heat for hours makes the cuisine rich in flavor. The tender meat will fall off from the bone to the rice making it tastier. The authentic flavor of fried onions, kewra water, nuts, and saffron makes the Hyderabadi biriyani rich.

Kunal Kapoor - Hyderabadi Vegetable Biriyani

The unique vegetable biriyani served with pickle remains his favorite dish. The ingredients used will be roughly grounded spices in oil besides them will have fried onions, cardamom, shahi jeera, cinnamons, cloves, mint and cardamom. Rice, when soaked in all flavors, makes them moist and soft.

Thomas Zacharias - Malabar Prawns Biriyani

The Calicut style Malabar Biriyani is a prominent dish in the city of Kozhikode, Kerala. The style of biriyani remains unique because they use small grain rice called Kaima to make the dish. With lots of spices, onion and ghee, makes the cuisine rich and heavy. Paragon Hotel in Calicut and Cochin are the best place for you to taste the authentic Malabar biriyani. You can have versions of chicken, mutton, prawns and fish.

Ranveer Brar - Lucknow Biriyani

Lucknowi cook biriyani like a pulao. They use half cooked rice and lamb together and then mixed together and finished. The beauty of this biriyani is subtle spicing. The khada masala is put together in a muslin cloth and they make a stock out of it called yakhni. You will never get the spice in your mouth.

Know India’s Top Chef’s Best-Loved Biriyani’s!
Know India’s Top Chef’s Best-Loved Biriyani’s!

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