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Kids Birthday Party Decorating – 7 Budget-Friendly Tips

By Stevezany @stevezany

Kids Birthday Party Decorating – 7 Budget-Friendly Tips - RI Magician Kids Party Ventriloquist Steve Zany

Kids Birthday Party Planning on a Budget – Decorating with Items from Dollar Stores

What mom or dad doesn’t want to throw a great kids birthday party and save some money while they’re at it? Here’s how:

Consider what could be your cheapest resource — places like the Dollar Tree or Family Dollar  for your kids party accessories instead of going to your supermarket or a typical party store where such items can get pricey and put you over-budget quickly.

Yet, there are ways to pull off a kids party that looks great from start to finish and isn’t too cheap-looking.

You’ll find dollar stores can be a great tool for kids birthday parties and provide countless options that allow you to get creative.

Of course, walking into any type of dollar store can be pretty overwhelming.

Party planner Cicely Rocha-Miller says there are a number of keys to manage the experience when picking items for a kids birthday party:

  1. Enter into the store with a game-plan
  2. Come prepared with a kids party theme
  3. Do research on do-it-yourself elements for your kids birthday party
  4. Make a list of items that you need to put the kids birthday party together. (You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many you might find at a dollar store.)
  5. Be mindful of the budget when counting up your items. (Many dollar-type stores don’t issue refunds or accept returns. In some cases you can get a store credit.)
  6. To avoid the goods you buy for your kids party from looking cheap…a. Take something from the store and put your own spin on it.
    b. Avoid buying items with lots of patterns on them, or keep the use of items with busy patterns on them to a minimum.
    c. Stick to a few key colors only so your kids party items like plates, banners, napkins, balloons, décor, glassware, table clothes, etc. don’t visually clash.
    d. Be mindful that if all your items are of the same design or color that can make your kids party look cheap too.
  7. Think out of the box. You don’t necessarily need to use the items that the store is selling for its specific purpose. Let your creativity flow! After all it’s a kids birthday party.

Follow these seven steps and you will be on your way to making your next kids birthday party a magical success.

Coming up in my next post, you’ll discover actual ways to put the above kids party tips into action. In the meantime if you have a kids party budget-saving suggestion you’d like to add to the list, I welcome your comments below.

Best wishes,

Steve Zany, RI Kids Party Magician Ventriloquist

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