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Kickstart Hearts WordPress (again!)

Posted on the 24 November 2011 by Ginnydeaconelliott @SEOKickstart

Again, our love for good old WordPress is shining through today people.

This post will be a short and sweet one as we just wanted to say that WordPress can be nifty AND pretty all in one go.  We were chatting to some of our friends down at PRD Ceramics the other day and they have just launched their first ever website.  These guys are tilers by trade and computers aren’t their forté but they want to take their business to the next level and get themselves out there on the web.

Now this is where WordPress comes in…if you are a business who wants a website for any reason, whether you think you should have one, you want to generate more business or you simply just think websites are cool, WordPress is the way forward.  WordPress is a gateway to the web for beginners.

The user friendly interface allows any joe bloggs to logon, pick a theme and get cracking!  And the plugins, well don’t even get me started on the plugins!  Who even needs HTML when the plugins are there for you!  You want facebook on your site? You’ve got it!  You want an XML sitemap? You’ve got it!  You want to display super pretty pictures then you’ve damn well got it!! All through the power of the Plugin!

So there you have it people, it’s not profound, its not juicy SEO’ing gossip, it’s just a classic case of WordPress love and how WordPress can be the opportunity small business’s need to get them selves out there on the Google Map!



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