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The Minefield That Is Finding A Decent Hosting Company

Posted on the 23 February 2012 by Ginnydeaconelliott @SEOKickstart

So, for any website beginner out there (as I was but a couple of years ago) there are many steps that go into setting up a website.  If you are one of those people that think you just buy a domain and hey presto, you’re website is up and running and you’re on page 1 of Google for every search term under the sun straight away then I am afraid you are sadly mistaken!

Obviously, first step is to decide what domain to buy, is it available, and if yes, crack on and buy it!!

So Kickstart, what do I do once I’ve got my domain name??

This next paragraph is designed to save all of you website newbies out there time and effort on discovering exactly what you need to do once you buy a domain.   I know from experience that it’s quite frankly  an online maze out there which, to people who know how, can take two minutes to negotiate however if, like you are like I was when I first started in websites a.k.a clueless, then it can take DAYS!

Hosting Is Key

If like me, you choose to run everything on WordPress because you want online presence but you don’t know the first thing about DreamWeaver, HTML etc etc then the first thing to do is find a hosting company that are WordPress friendly.  There are tonnes of hosting companies out there that offer this and the best place to find reviews on the best website hosting companies offering the cheapest hosting plans check out Business Web Hosting Plans.

It is always worth shopping around and speaking to people around you who have had dealings with hosting companies before you take the plunge.  After hunting around I finally opted for a company called Blue Host as they are user friendly, they are WordPress friendly and most importantly, their customer support team are super friendly!! They have been completely reliable and no matter how much of a hosting novice you are, the Blue Host team will do their upmost to make sure you’re queries are sorted quickly and professionally!

Anyway, that’s enough from Kickstart for today.

Good luck on your quest to find the best hosting company for you out there!



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