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Kickin’ It Back into High Gear!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Good morning guys!

Earlier this morning, this happened.

kickin’ it back into high gear!

Mhmm… me in all my dignity.


kickin’ it back into high gear!

I made a Kodiak Cake (whole wheat, oat and honey variety). We had huge fresh picked blackberries in the fridge so I added a handful to the batter. Then I topped my cake with blueberry So Delicious coconut milk yogurt and a TBSP chia seeds.

Healthy Guideline Checks

  • 1 serving healthy fats
  • 1 serving green tea
  • 1 serving fruit
  • hot magic lemon water
  • 1 serving probiotic

Green Tea (after my mug of hot magic lemon water) to drink.

kickin’ it back into high gear!

Clean Eating Week 5 Recap and a kick in the keester!

Last week went pretty good. It wasn’t the best, but it definitely could have been worse. I really like that my “bad week” really isn’t that bad of a week and it’s still a million times better than how I used to eat. Mean’s I’m makin’ lots of healthy progress.

kickin’ it back into high gear!

After vacation I struggled with a few things in terms of my clean eating.

  • I quit drinking my hot magic lemon water every morning
  • I wasn’t being as choosey with my carbs
  • I quit checking off my healthy guidelines on my Clear App
  • I quit drinking so much water throughout the day
  • and I ate a LOT more sugar.

Last week I talked about how I wanted my Clean Eating to become a habit. And I can tell that some of it is.

  • I always look for complex carbs when it comes to chips, breads, and crackers.
  • I definitely drink tea more than I drink coffee
  • I’m more aware of what foods sugars are in and choose alternatives (more often than I used to but this one can get bumped up a little)

Reviewing all these things I can see I’m still improving. I haven’t plateaued or or slid down some of the hill that I’ve been climbing up for the last 5 weeks. Which is really great and keeps me motivated to keep going.

kickin’ it back into high gear!

For week 6 I really want to kick my keester back into high gear. I’m going to

  • get back to checking off my healthy guidelines
  • drink more water
  • cut out the sugar!!! (1 small serving of dark chocolate is enough, maren!!)
  • make smart and picky carb choices

I can tell that I’m not eating as clean as before. My body doesn’t feel as great. My long run this weekend totally wiped me out and was epic hard. The whole reason I’m eating this way is to feel great. I understand that once you start feeling better it’s easy to slip a little. Slippages are okay, they’re going to happen. There will be weeks in the future that include vacations, parties, trips, and fancy meals. The important thing is to find a balance between the two.

kickin’ it back into high gear!

This breakfast was about 350 calories.

To kick start the week, I painted my nails my most favorite nail polish color!!!

kickin’ it back into high gear!

Coral! It’s the best because it’s bright and fun but still matches EVERYTHING.

Tell me about you!!! I want to know…

Can I wear this hat out in public? Seriously?

kickin’ it back into high gear!

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