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Kevin.Murphy Color.Bug Review

By Thelawsoffashion

Last night I got a haircut.  Bangs and blonde highlights were in order when my eyes saw the new latest and greatest product in a flashy display at my salon.  Kevin.Murphy’s Color.Bug. 
Kevin.Murphy Color.Bug Review
Brooke, my hairdresser, put the purple color in my hair.  Here is my take on the product.  While I like the idea, I think that this product is essentially a large amount of eyeshadow in a container that allows for easier application to hair.  I think that I could just go and buy some cheap blush at Target and crush it up and apply it to my hair and get the same effect.  Sorry, but for $30 bucks a pop.  I would rather spend my money elsewhere.  Also, I am concerned that the pigment may leave residual color on my blonde hair, which is definitely not worth it.  I simply like my normal highlighted blonde hair more.  I plan to try my cheap blush idea coming soon.  What do you think about the Color.Bug?Kevin.Murphy Color.Bug Review

Here is an amazing view of the Color.Bug at work from Betty Magazine.  Their review can be found here:


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