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Ken Doll Updates

By Ashley Brooke, Kewpie83 @KewpieDoll83

Mattel announced today that Ken was getting a little makeover. Joining the female Fashionista dolls, who were given unique body types over the past few years, as well as new and exciting hairstyles and skin tones, is Ken, who was just given two new body types! Ken is now available in three different body types: Original, Broad and Slim.

New Ken (Mattel Promo Photos)

There will also be more variety in hairstyles, faces and skin tones, as you can see in the promo pic above.

New Ken (Mattel Promo Photos)

New Ken (Mattel Promo Photos)

New Ken (Mattel Promo Photos)

In total, we’ll be seeing 15 new Ken dolls. 10 are apparently available now, with five more coming later. While I’m glad they are expanding on the Ken brand, I am a little disappointed that they have yet to release a Made to Move Ken. I want some articulation in my Ken dolls. (Or some bodies for some Taeyangs, assuming they would be as interchangeable as the Made to Move Barbie bodies are with Pullips!)

According to the GQ article linked in the first paragraph, the Ken packaging won’t be marked Broad, Slim or Original, so you’ll have to guess when browsing the toy aisles. Hopefully, the differences of each are more visible in person. I personally don’t see much difference (based on the photos) between Original or Broad. Online, you’ll see dolls listed by their body type.

For more details on how to pre-order the new Ken, check out the Barbie website! What do you think of the update to Ken? Leave your thoughts below!


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