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Kegels: The Down Low on Exercising Down There

By Chasingjoy @chasing_joy
Kegels: The Down Low on Exercising Down There Today I'm talking about vaginas!  Well sort of.  Yesterday, I was visiting some of my fellow Shades of Social Media's blogs.  Karla Trotman's guest blogger, Elizabeth Carrollton's post Help! My Vagina Has Fallen Out of My Body has left me with vaginas on the brain.  LOL  Her post is on Pelvic Organ Prolapse or POP prevention and ways to treat it non-invasively.  It is a good read so be sure to check it out.
Elizabeth's post includes Kegel exercises as a way to prevent POP.  My comment on the post was: Chasing Joy says: November 13, 2012 at 12:35 pm
"Kegels! I wish there was more talk about Kegels to younger girls. It’s like its a secret that you can exercise “down there” SMH. There are so many health benefits to it."
So I figured why don't I talk about it and tell the secret.  So here is the down low on exercising down there. 
What are Kegel exercises?
Kegel exercises aka pelvic floor exercises are exercises that strengthen the muscles that control urine flow. 
Why should I do Kegels?
As Elizabeth mentioned Kegels can prevent and help with the treatment of POP. Kegels help with urinary incontenince (leaky bladder) in both men and women. Yes men can do them too!  Kegels also help men with urge incontenince which is a need pee that is so strong he can't make it in time :-(  During pregnancy Kegels help strengthen the pelvic floor which can become stretched leading to years of bladder control problems.  I have also heard that Kegel exercises can improve the quality of a womans experience during sex.  I will not speak on that personaly though.  Not qute that kind of blog :-)
How do I do Kegel exercises?
The way I learned to do them was while using the bathroom.  When you pee use your muscles to stop mid stream.  That is a Kegel.  Repeat the tightening of those muscels and you are doing kegels.  After you are fimilar with the exercises you can do them anywhere. No one will be able to tell.  Squeeze for a few seconds release for a few seconds. You have to do them for a copule minutes every day for them to be beneficial. 
I'm not a gyno or doctor.  This info is based on my personal knowledge and what I found on WebMD Women's Health
So don't let a droppy vagina or week bladder steal your Joy.  Do your kegels!
Are you familar with Kegels? Have you found them helpful?  Are you doing them right now??? LOL

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