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JWH Imports Introduces New Line of Undermount Bath Vanities

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

JWH Imports recently introduced a new line of undermount bath vanities. Many of these models mirror previous molds that were well-received by remodelers and the designers alike.

There’s an array of bathroom sinks that includes top mounted, undermount, and vessel sinks. Each of these styles has a distinctive appearance that can change the presentation of your bathroom. Undermounted sinks give your bathroom a sleek, low-profile appearance that follows the tenets of modern bathroom design.

Sirius Double Under Mount Sink Vanity - Espresso

The 59″ Sirius Double Under Mount Sink Vanity- Espresso. Click for more details.

Modern Undermount Bathroom Vanities

Undermounted vanities have sinks that are seated beneath the countertop in an inconspicuous location. These sinks are rimless and are completely submerged below the surface of the countertop. Undermounted vanities keep the focus on the actual design and style of the vanity rather than the flamboyance of top mounted sinks.

Previous models like the Grand Crater and the Gemini featured bold designs with contemporary vessel sinks. Vessel sinks are still a fairly new advent in the bathroom world. The introduction of this new line of modern undermounted vanities allows homeowners to tone it down a bit and move to a transitional blend between modern and contemporary styling.

Previously we featured the cool wave-like design on the Flen Double Bath Vanity. Along with companies like Signature Hardware and Design Element USA, JWH Imports has been at the cusp of innovation and continues to set new trends. With a knack for modern bathroom designs, the company has expanded their collection to include these modish undermounted vanities.

Grand Crater Under Mount Vanity

The Grand Crater Under Mount Vanity. View more.

Why Choose Undermounted Sinks?

While top mount sinks can be very striking, undermount sinks create and even sleeker shape that can be used to fashion a bathroom layout with clean lines. Undermount sinks can also place more focus on your countertop and the surrounding bathroom decor. These vanities allow you to highlight the rich hues in exotic countertops made out of Tiger Eye Gold or Dark Emperador without negating the benefits of a beautiful basin.

All of these cabinets come with the sinks already professionally attached. An advanced silicone-based sealant is used to waterproof the vanity and prevent costly leaks. As you’ll learn in the next paragraph, cleaning and upkeep is simple and easy with undermount sinks.

Comparison with Vessel Sink Vanities

Although vessel sink vanities are quite a spectacle, some homeowners have found them to be a bit of a hassle to clean around the base where the sink meets the countertop. Furthermore, tooth paste stains are highly visible on glass sinks. Undermount sinks are easy to clean, keeping all water contained within the basin and allowing you to scrub all corners without having to worry about splashing water outside of your bowl.

It’s also important to keep in mind that top mounted/vessel sinks can add a few inches to the height of your wash basin. This can cause problems for shorter individuals and young children. Undermount vanities do not have this problem. Another potential issue is the height of your faucet. Top mounted vanities are higher than undermounted sinks and will require a bathroom faucet with and elongated neck. Undermounted sinks will work well with most faucets.

Some of the most popular models from JWH include the Grand Lune Double Sink Vanity and the Grand Rana. These vanities have set the precedence for trends in modern bathroom design, being the first to exhibit a rich espresso finish topped off by a translucent green glass top. The addition of undermounted sinks simply adds more flexibility to the existing collection of luxury bathroom vanities from JWH Imports.

Vessel Sink Vanity vs Undermount Vanity

The Gemini Single Bath Vanity pictured with a vessel sink design above and undermount below. Click to enlarge image.

Tradewinds Imports is a proud supplier of luxe JWH Imports bathroom vanities. You can View an Entire Collection of JWH Products by visiting our website. Find a style that fits you and a price point that matches your budget!

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