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Justin Bieber’s Wrist Game

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Ugh, I can’t believe I’m about to compliment him, but Justin Bieber’s wrist game is strong. You can’t deny the swaggy Calvin Klein model/singer/ Comedy Central Roast subject that. And his apology tour on Ellen & his Facebook page a few months ago may have softened my stance on him a bit. But anyone who blatantly rips off Girlfriend without so much as a Justin x Justin live mashup on Jimmy Fallon will never be on my Christmas list. And I blame him entirely for these stupid pants.

Justin Beiber Stupid Balmain Sweatpants

No, I don’t care that they’re Balmain. They’re still stupid and Kate McKinnon does a better job at this.

But, as you’ll notice in the very swaggy pic above, JB’s wrist is never without a luxury watch. And with millions to spend and nothing else really going on at the moment, it’s no surprise Baby’s been scooping up luxury watches left and right. But Justin’s Rolex taste is impressive. And he’s not shy about showing them off, which nabs him positive points from this jewelry and watch stalker. Let’s check out the watch collection that One Less Lonely Girl built.

Justin Beiber Rolex Day Date

This was one of the first watch shots ever posted to Bieber’s Instagram. It’s arti$tically shot in B&W, so it’s possible that it’s this next watch, though I doubt it. This is from Justin’s early yellow gold phase, so it’s probably his diamond marker champagne dial with fluted bezel.


A few years later, JB’s matured, with a simple white gold Datejust. I want to say it’s the ice blue dial, but the tint of the photo and sheen of his Dolce & Gabbana jacket might be distracting me. Still with the diamond markers, and still with the same oyster bracelet and fluted bezel.

Justin Bieber Prez with Lil Twist

There’s this monstrosity, which matches his bestie Lil Twist’s Prez. Yellow gold again, with some of my least favorite style of aftermarket diamonds on the bezel. I do like the Roman numerals instead of MOAR DIAMONDS. This is JB showing restraint circa 2013.

Justin Bieber Cartier

Occasionally, Justin departs from Rolexes to splash on some Cartier. Here he matches friend Kevin Hart with a  rose gold all diamond Just un Clou and all diamond yellow gold Love bracelet. He almost always wears this Love bracelet, whether he’s wearing a shirt or not.

Justin Bieber almost always wears his all diamond Cartier Love Bangle

No shirt, all diamond, no problem.

Justin Bieber Datejust II Jubilee Bracelet

This is one of my favorite JB combos. I do love this diamond pave chain bracelet, and I think it’s fun paired with the refined President bracelet on this Datejust, again in yellow gold, again with the fluted bezel. And while I want it to be a chocolate dial I highly suspect it’s the classic black dial.

Justin Bieber Black Dial Datejust II Oyster bracelet

Surprise, surprise, another Datejust II. This time it’s a smooth bezel, black dial on an oyster bracelet in stainless steel.

Cartier Love Pin

via Bieber Fashion on Tumblr

Finally, I’ve gotta wrap things up with a little Love. Because I do like his new hair and I’m a sucker for a man brooch. This vintage Aldo Cipullo brooch, circa 1971, is a beautiful example of the artist’s straightforward and slightly cheeky aesthetic. Pretty damn perfect for The Biebs.

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