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Just My Luck!

By Bambileigh

There’s no words that can describe the love I feel for these shoes. They’re just…. wow. For those of you who have never seen shoes like these before, they’re Jeffrey Campbell’s Spiked Damsels and they RRP for around the £130 mark – I’ve just found them on ebay for £36… in my size… I KNOW!ImageI’m sure many of you are thinking “So stop blogging and go and buy them!” right now, but I don’t have the money! I can either buy these beauties or pay my phone bill, so obviously I’m going to pay my bills. But it sucks I’m never going to find a deal like this again! I’m so gutted, but it’s clearly not meant to be. *sob*

I had so many plans and ideas running through my head and I got so excited when I saw them, but Sir Bank Account says no. Because they are usually so expensive I thought it’d be really cool to start a weekly thing here on my bloggy where I take one statement ‘splash out’ piece and pair it with a ton of different outfits that aren’t too pricey – as I’m sure you’ve gathered, like many girls out there I’m on a budget too! If only I hadn’t bought that make up the other day!

I think I’d look quite good in these babies, I’m tall already (5 ft 9″) but with shoes like these I really wouldn’t care how much taller they’d make me! Wouldn’t you feel awesome walking about in these?!

They’ve got 20 minutes left at auction (I really don’t know why I keep checking!) so I’m going to go and have a bit of a tantrum, but one day I will own them and I will make my shoe dream a reality!

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