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Just Cookies – Enjoy… #ChocolateChip #Vegan

By Nutrisavvy

Chocolate Chip cookies arrived on my doorstep in dry ice. Well, the cookie dough, that is. Frozen/solid, I thawed them in the fridge and later that evening I scooped them out onto my Silpat-lined cookie sheet. Lucky for me they arrived just in time, I had a pre-Thanksgiving potluck and had been so busy this week, I hadn’t even thought about what to bring.

No butter. No eggs. Yet, the cookie dough tasted very familiar. Yes, I used to love to nibble on cookie dough. Usually an hour before the game, my friend and I used to nibble on ready-made chocolate chip cookie dough, before setting out to perform on the dance team squad — Oh those undergrad years!

I baked the cookies an extra minute to keep them crisp. Some people like them chewy, but I prefer a crisper texture. And I couldn’t resist taking that first bite right out of the oven. No butter, remember, yet they tasted rich and ‘buttery. They held together well, even without any eggs. Tasted just like the chocolate chip cookies I remember from childhood (and well, on occasion when the urge to enjoy a traditional chocolate chip cookie arises). And just look at the golden brown coloring. Mmmm….


So here they are for your virtual taste. My friends will be enjoying these tomorrow.

If you’re wondering where to get this. Check ‘em out here. This is what the packaging looks like. Craving some cookies? Try Hampton Creeks – Just Cookie. You won’t miss the butter or eggs, heck you  won’t even know they are missing. :O)

And BTW, if you’d like the Nutrition Facts, just ask me (comment below – I’ve got the label). But I first wanted to share how delicious they were before convincing you to try this out simply because it’s Vegan, cholesterol-free.


I wasn’t paid to write this piece, however I did receive this generous sample of Hampton Creek – Just Cookie Dough — Chocolate Chip for my review (makes 39 cookies – although I made mine with a slightly larger scoop, yielding 36). 


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Just Cookies –  Enjoy… #ChocolateChip #Vegan
Just Cookies –  Enjoy… #ChocolateChip #Vegan

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