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Just a Regular Week - Dakota Still Our Superstar

By Aynetal3 @aynetal3

Monday, September 22, 2014 @ 2:01 AM
Just a Regular Week - Dakota Still Our Superstar
Good morning.  WooHOO!  This is the new Microsoft program – there 365 Cloud or something like that.  Joe, Cari and Ramsey were over last night and as one thing leads to another – Joe gave me one of his copies of the newer Microsoft package and we gave him our second copy of the Adobe programs.  As amazement after amazement Joe was REALLY interested in getting a copy of Adobe Illustrator because it was something he’d learned while he was a kid during the years that I was gone.  He played last night when they were over a copy of Rich’s logo and I could just tell he was in Joe-Bot heaven!  Joe had at one time during college been studying to be a computer programmer so things like Dreamweaver and FLASH really interested him.  The Dreamweaver is Adobe’s most COMPLICATED web package tool.  Joe said that he could actually make money setting up web sites and that really excited me because it was an extra way to provide income for his family.  I also liked it because Joe and I would be learning the same thing and going through similar excitements.  It’s just soooo cool when one of your kids picks up one of the things you are most interested in.  WOW! 
Pswhoo!  Back.  It turned out I was able to fall back to sleep – slept on the couch for a while.  I wrote this and a note to Linda, then we slept until a couple hours ago.  It is now about 9 am.  I think that it’s been about 3 weeks since we’ve last written.  The last time was write after Katherine had been here, and now today, It is Dakota’s one month anniversary of being with us.  We think its going extremely well.  He’s such a good dog.  There are still incidents when he’ll have an accident with his housetraining, but I think we’re much better off now than we had been a month ago.  He’s still not doing real regular things to let us know he needs to go out, but like when he doesn’t finish a whole meal, I know that he has to go to the bathroom in-between things.  And, we’re better at feeding him about dinner time, then kenneling him while we eat.  He gets a bone during that process and then we know to let him out and he’s pretty good after that.  I think when we have problems it is like he’s saying – oh don’t let me bother you, I’ll just go over here!  He’s got a favorite spot in the sitting room behind the recliners, so we’re thinking he knows its wrong because he’s hiding it.
We’ve only talked to Katherine a couple of times this month, but she’s been very supportive of Dakota’s learning process.  We’re both amazed as is Dr. Marvin that he’s learned so much in the time we’ve had him.  There are just a few key things we’ve been working on other than bathroom.  One is to “Go on…” which means that we’ve had enough of his attention seeking and he’s to walk away and preoccupy himself on his own.  And, then similar to that is the command for ‘No petting.”  This was developed mostly at Dr. Marvin’s when he wants continual attention and “CAN’T” walk away because he’s on a leash … it tells him we’re done petting and he should just lay down and chill.  Last time at Dr. Marvin’s we just said it once, and then he laid down and was out for most of the session until about 5 minutes before we left ... so that was enough time for him to get back adjusted say good-bye to Dr. Marvin and for us to put back on his vest.  He was a really good dog and we appreciated him handling the situation so we could do the Dr. Marvin stuff we needed to do.
Hmm, my mother just called – it was less than a two minute conversation.  She’s got a doctor appointment this afternoon.  She called yesterday and she’s been having trouble falling again and some intestinal issues.  She was in the doctor’s office and spent a night in the hospital last week, but has now arranged things to be in again because the anti-biotic medicine has not taken care of the problem.  She called to let me know she packed a bag just in case she has to stay overnight again.  I think that it’s a case of being over-prepared, but we’re glad she’s taking her health seriously and is getting in when she should.  She’ll give me a call later to let me know how it is going.
I think everything else is in order this morning.  I remember Rich trying to wake me about the time he was leaving, but I was pretty much unconscious, couldn’t even lift my head – he had to bend down to give me his kiss.  He’s really the nicest person we ever met!  I’ll try to do him the reciprocal favor and not eat the corn bread and extra pie while he’s gone.  I am thinking he’s going to want me to save that for dinner J  See we CAN be a good Ann. 
Missy just walked past and Dakota shared some of his uncomfortable feelings.  He’s always given Missy a wide berth.  Good dog!
We had such a good time with Joe and Cari here yesterday.  Cari only has approximately just under 3 weeks to delivery.  We’re so excited for them.  Part of them coming over last night was to do a little private baby shower here.  I wish we could have given them more, but we got a gate for them like the one we got for Missy and Chief.  It is the one with the special door that lets through the cat, but everything else is stuck on the other side.  I think they are planning to use it to keep the baby on the upstairs part of the stairs going down.  It sounds like it doesn’t have a door, or maybe it does but they have to leave it open for the cat?  I’m not sure, but we were happy to be able to contribute toward the baby’s well-being AND the animals as well.  We also gave them some cash.  It seems like from what they were saying that it will go toward taking care of getting a new person for the delivery process.  I forgot the name – it’s sort of like a mid-wife, but different.  I think she does negotiating between them and the hospital staff.  They are going to be in their natural birthing area, but its within the hospital, so safe if anything were to happen.  Obviously, we’re hoping that everything is going to be very normal.
I was so excited to be talking to them, it’s like we were tripping over the conversation because it was such a wealth of information I’d been looking very forward to.  It’s just been such a long time since we’ve seen them.  Like not at all since they first told us they were pregnant.  Again VERY nice time!
The dogs got along very well.  I think that Ramsey was a little more submissive and Dakota a little more playful, but we’ll try to add the video of the two playing … by the time the video was taken – he he Ramsey definitely was involved in the game.  He’s speedy fast like Dakota.  He’s stockier, but he doesn’t mind as he bumps his way along to be in equal chase with Dakota.  Dakota has home field advantage in that he knows the chasing routes and is more agile (young) than Ramsey, or for that matter Lady or Max Maury’s dogs.  I’m really glad they have developed a bit of a relationship and we’ll look forward to it more in the future.  I would like to see the four dogs put together.  None of us have that kind of space – like a fenced back yard, but I’d still like to see it.  We might however have Rich climbing the walls if we did it inside the house.  There was some concern over the dogs bouncing off Cari and the baby – so that was a little protected, but we should be working harder to have Dakota not bouncing off the couch.  He does seem to have a favorite “fort” location in back of my recliner.  He can go around it in a circle really fast and uses the space to out run the other dogs.  He’s just SOOO happy to be entertaining and enlarging his pack.  We’re very happy for them all!
So that’s about it there … I’m sure everyone went home a little more tired.  Rich made a GREAT meal of BBQ Pork Ribs, corn, waffle fries, salad and corn bread AND he even cleaned up for me so that I could be with our guests longer.  Cari watched the football game a little more and talked with Rich when he got done and had an opportunity to rest, and Joe and I had a chance to talk about our computer worlds.  We showed him the work we’d done in the morning with Rich’s web site and then we went into as we mentioned above sharing our worlds with me giving him Adobe and him giving us Microsoft.  We each had an extra machine copy that we could download.  Really happy about how that turned out.  I never expected to be typing on a new MS 2013 Word program this morning.  I like it’s lightness – no heavy design colors, and I like the way when we reach the end of a sentence the page just floats up ... It is very magical. 
I think this morning we have to wash clothes, and then get back to the work of putting together Rich’s Web program.  Maybe you don’t know all that is going on with that whole Adobe thing.
Basically, Rich and us got to talking about his web page and we told him that if he paid the monthly fee of $49 (locked in for 2 years) that I would commit to setting up a web page for him.  The side part of that was that we’d also be able to sign-up for our own web page for the Multiplicity.  That is the true motivational part of the project.  Adobe has a program called, Creative Cloud, and you get about 30 of their programs including their PDF, lightroom, photoshop, illustrator, Muse, and so forth – basically, everything you could ever want to put together web sites, photos, videos, flash, auditory ANYTHING …. It’s just top of the line programming.  They decided that instead of selling piece by piece, they would sell monthly subscriptions – so they always have money coming in and in the meantime the programs are always being constantly updated so you have their top of the line issues.  We also went back and got the Captivate program.  Captivate was the main thing in the Adobe e-learning Suite we’d gotten last fall when we first fell in love with Adobe.  At that time we had their creative cloud too, but we hadn’t used it enough so dropped it.  At the time we were getting the student packages.
With the e-learning suite – that had been about $1,800 and because of really bad customer care, we complained in one of their forums, which turns out to be very carefully watched – to help people through problem-solving and we ended up with the suite for free ... well sort of … we’d already put solid money – somewhere between $3-400 on the Captivate CS6 program.  So that turned out to be a really good idea, but like the other we weren’t using it like we should have.  But, now we have more opportunities to be learning and using it.  There is a lot more time to work with it because now we are not in school so don’t have all those deadlines looming over our head competing for time. 
The big deal of the e-learning suite and Captivate in general is that it is a program to do online classes.  The Overall feeling of what is going on now is that Aynetal3 (US) are a web presence and our own brand, and that we’ll have a website, that will tie to our blogs and most importantly it will tie to our mind map AND it will tie to classroom learning … all those things will be a part of our mother ship Hehehe which means it will all be about not only us, but what we learn of Multiplicity in all the different means we offer.  Before we went underground last year, we were involved in these processes …
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We haven’t done a whole lot of that for quite some time, but now that it is fall again, we seem drawn back into the world.  Matter of fact, we had seen this new learning/teaching program and we’d dropped a note to our friends over at Plural Activism, and then the guys Astraea had written back asking us to do a short recording – forgot the term you now audio?  It will come to me.  So we’ve got that going on now too.  In general, the classroom part was – hmm, let me see if we can find it again!
AHA!  It’s called
Just a Regular Week - Dakota Still Our Superstar
It’s a special course room to develop learning programs and it gives a space to anchor the programs.  I think there is a special kind of language/code something that allows it to load programs from the Adobe Captivate program, which we’d mentioned before as a online learning classroom.  I forgot the code, but thought I’d seen it on the Versal program when we were skimming. 
I had told Rich after listening to several couple hour long videos on the newest changes in Adobe and Apple through their big conferences that I was going to switch my title to a “Creative”.  He said we would have to check that with the boss – meaning him.  We were prepared for that … we said that we consulted for him and that he was one of our customers, but the bigger umbrella was going to be us as the one that pulls together All this really fantastic stuff under the Aynetal3 title which might include not only him, but our website and all that’s in it and maybe doing things like helping Katherine out with her website or any other creative avenue we do … Our biggest contract of course will be the Multiplicity thing that we are now going to work through from our web page.  That was the deal – we’d get the really good creative cloud from Rich for $49 per month, but that we would be able to not only do a web page for him, but our baby as well.  I’m just so gosh darned excited.  We’ve watched about 100 videos so far teaching the basics of some of the programs on Adobe.  We haven’t really practiced them yet, but maybe that will happen today.  The nice thing about a web page is that it is stable and easily accessed by the web.  Some things like the mind map aren’t really accessible too much from the Google searches, but some of the other things are coming together, and will be even more potent when we get the web page figured out.
Yesterday morning and a little from the day before, we went in and started doing some preliminary work on Rich’s Web site.  As mentioned we did a lot on the video watching, but we decided to really focus a bit on the content.  Our basis was the one page that Rich sends out in his emails and which is the total some and substance of the web site his son helped him with.  That’s it though – his present web page is just that one page.  So we brought it to our mind map and worked it into it’s own outline and then we went through about 30 sites through packaging and assembly services which is Rich’s main stake.  We decide to build about 9 pages which contain pages for Home, About us, Specialties, Operations, Services, Solutions, Industries Served, Request Quotes, and Contact us.  And, then under all those categories we’ve got sub-categories and data under even that so that we have a very comprehensive outline of his services.  When going over the other sites, with all their ideas, we were just picking and choosing things that made sense in Rich’s business.
The bottom-line outline I think is going to be really good.  More things might be taken out, changed, or reordered, but we took the time to do some reordering while we were working on it yesterday morning so we’re pretty happy as a first run with it.  I think the categories or TABS which all the above will become are strong and should be fairly straightforward to anyone looking at the site.  I think the only one not filled in right now is the Home key and that we’ve decided will be just a few things like the tabs in a paragraph form with links, and then also on the cover page a strong link toward the page where the viewer can write in for a free quote.  That’s sort of the bottom line is to get them signed up!  And, there should be a page for a newsletter.  Basically, part of the blog program is to send out a communication once every month or two feeding the customer with new information and again a direct reminder that we do services they might want.  I would like to add a blog part of course, being me, but that might be a little more challenging in that either Rich or I would have to keep up with it, and we’re not really familiar with information in his field and Rich isn’t really familiar with regular communication to be putting something out.  I really like them when included in most web pages, but if you don’t get to it regularly then they work backward.  People think you are not up to date.   I think Rich has to walk a line too in that he doesn’t really want to give information on his customers, because that just puts things out to others to “take away.” 
I’m kind of thinking that if we were to do anything there, we might get a couple of trade magazines.  I know that Rich used to have some coming in, and then we’d have to skim them and write from those kinds of resources about things happening in the industry.  It might serve a function to keep up on the more simple processes of packaging and assembly services.  We’ve spotted too a couple locations on line for membership in certain associations also with good info, but they tend to be more like costly associations which might be more helpful to bigger organizations, but we’re just not there.  This goes especially with new-fangled machine operations that simplify processing, but are too star-spangled to ever be considered in Rich’s shops.  He’s really a mom and pop organization.  And, we have to remember that.
The main purpose for Rich to have a Web site is just to maintain an online presence.  Secondarily to bring in leads and then after that maybe contribute back into the conversation.  That will take some time and probably by the time we get there, he will be ready to retire. 
There was a bit of conversation a couple days ago – Friday, when we took a ride with Rich on his daily chores and we got to the part of looking into a website for him – basically his web address.  We can be working on his project now because Adobe has something called, “Business Catalyst” which is a series of five temporary sites we can be using temporarily from 3 months to 2 years.  But, really they are practice sites, and then gateways to plugging in your own web address.  We wanted to go with either OR, Prykop-PPA.  Rich was saying something more abstract and we didn’t even want to hear it because the name wasn’t including the name of himself or his business together.  To us that’s REALLY the way to go and we don’t want to budge from there.  He on the other hand wants to go more abstract and we’re saying you don’t understand how things are done and you are going to need trusting us on some of the basics like this.  I really like PPA-Prykop.  I know to register is only like $9-10 but in being able to have something people remember – You really have to go the most basic.  PPA and Prykop are already taken, but he can do this combination – the names are open and where he wants to think about it, we’re like how long is it going to take you to just agree with us.
We were a little bit like it with the outline too.  I think from his comments after seeing it yesterday morning, he was more appreciative of my work than he’d thought.  There were a few services he wasn’t sure he wanted to advertise, but that was just a minor detail.  They main thing we were getting to was his general organization of the site.  We plan to have short pages with not much more than the simple outlines on each, but we’re going to have it done well and make it look professional as we can including his contact information and the logo he wants to use.  It’s a little more complex than our taste, but I’m sure it is going to work out fine in the end.  Last night when Joe was here, he worked a little with the logo in illustrator separating out the lion in the crest and then the crest from the more complicated parts of the image in the background.  I loved that he knew how to work with layers.  GOOD JOE!!!
Those kinds of things will be important and it will be important to work with it in Illustrator so we can make the image clear and still be able to resize it.  I will want to work a little later on adding just the first few things to the Master pages like pages for all the elements we have so far and maybe adding text boxes for the information that we’ve outlined.  I think it will take a little longer coming up with a series of designs through other suggestions as to framing in each picture.  This part is a little scary for me because I’ve never done it, though from what I’ve seen there is a lot of simplicity to it.  I wish we had more pictures to add, because I think most pages are better with at least one, but We’ve really only got one picture and the making for a logo and neither is ready for that kind of exposure.  Just want to get to the part that things are sketched in.
Through the process last night with Joe we ran our ideas past him and he did the same with the web pages he created for his father and for the one he’d started to work with for his own Karate business.  That one is very basic at this point.  The one for his father has tons of pictures, which is really an important aspect of showing of the work he does as a Victorian Painter, but as all things can improve.
I’m thinking this morning we have a lot of “busy thoughts” running through our head.  One of the things we’ve talked to Dr. Marvin about this month – OTHER than our weight and fitness program are running askew is that we might need to go back to the mind map to sketch out not only Rich’s business, but our own.  We want to be able to place all these things that we’re talking about and we want to work on things as if it were yesterday and everything is completed.  We have to walk a solid line in thinking we don’t want to overwhelm ourselves again, but in the meantime realizing there is soooo much to do and we’ve just barely caught the surface of ordering our world so that it more succinctly makes sense and can be picked up by others. 
I think the main problem besides starting or getting back to some of these other projects is that there is so much work to do getting through what we wanted to do with other Multiples’ blogs and the searches through the Google program.  We’ve continued to pull together information but we are way back to about a year ago in pulling information together … there are a couple main things there in that we want everything represented, but with the number of medium steps we have – there isn’t enough time to catch up.  Maybe one of the things that we should consider is getting the news collated not with us going through it at this moment, but putting the emails in some kind of form and function that others can sift through it or at least so there is a collection of it so that it is available as a library to be searched later and put to more usefulness.  We really want to curate, but there is another big responsibility to just collect the information to keep it current.
The other main part relates to the curating in that there is a final end need to be able to pull all the information out there which is deafening so that it can make sense to others by looking at it.  When we were working to the level of the slideshow and through Learnist, we were able to make comments which really used ourselves as a base with the work that we’ve done with Dr. Marvin as something of upmost importance as another level of looking at things with other Multiples, or with those interested in them.  Basically, it is defining our own voice amongst the others.  You know the kind of stuff that defines – what is our purpose anyway?!  I think the bottom line is that we want to become a resource of well-put-together information that collects maybe not from the professional world, but from the common experience of day to day Multiples.  Of course the other material works itself in, but there is something to be really said about direct experience and understanding of oneself(ves). 
There is this other part too that Dr. Marvin sometimes reminds me of and that is going through the work of Paul Dell and his Disassociation book which has the conglomeration of really big professionals on the subject.  It was always a dream world to associate what they were saying with the general flow of experience of the regular (like me/us) multiples.  Kind of a counter-balancing of each other, because right now those worlds are really separated.  I think there are some like Astraeas’s, the Plural Activism group and others who collect information and knowledge and some of it tends to play off with other groups, like through PODS and Mosaic.  I know there’s probably TONS of other sites that have gone into trying to make sense of the Multiple World both inside and outside of common or professional windows.  We are subject to concern when we think that any one organization holds all the answers.  To us it’s just that the discussions and defining of terms hasn’t been done.  It is frightening that so much of the professional work that has been done prices itself out of the ability of regular Multiples to even read the material if they can understand the ton of encryption that has gone through the explanations of processes.  It seems most professionals want to coin the next part of the all in all understanding of Multiplicity and the terms cross understandings.  I think it is up to researchers, which in another life I would have loved to be a part of – but, they will have to sort it out.  Having a book like Dell’s is a first step.  For those not knowing much about it – it has about 46 different chapters by even more specialists in the field all talking about their most understanding aspect of the phenomena.  We’re going to go on the side of Astraea’s group in not considering Multiplicity to be a disability.  Although I really need to better understand the way they look at things and sort it out.  Basically, they do have valid information to include and I want that really to be part of the organization of our little Multiples’ World.  As well, I would like to learn the names of people involved at the personal and professional levels so I can add there part of the conversation in that which becomes the GREAT conversation!
I know there are probably other books that have come out since Dell’s in 2011, but I’m not really aware of it.  Hmm, Maybe I should stop over at Amazon and take a peek?  Hmm, nope … we checked under DID, then for 4 stars & Up, and then New and popular.  There Were 75 titles that came up including Dells, but there were not other professional group that wrote a book more recently than that book.  I did see Moline’s book (2013), but we’ve already discussed our thoughts on that and him writing as a professional, but another writing after having experienced Multiplicity minimally and after that having drawn conclusions – and that from more a disbeliever’s view.  SO … we’re considering ourselves caught-up J 
Ok, then … thinking through that and wanting more an outline than actual start of work – how do we take in Dell’s book so that our own work becomes more ordered?  We have a tendency to get blown away – I think in real life we’ve gotten up to chapter 11 and on a practical level it doesn’t really correspond to the work or understanding we have. 
Just a Regular Week - Dakota Still Our Superstar

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