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Just A Call For Mom

By Roopz @Roopakutty

Just A Call For Mom
Last weekend, I had a chance to meet Soni M Bhattathiripad’s mother. Many times I could not give any reply to her questions. I was ashamed of myself being so silent instead of consoling a mother who had missed her son a few years back. It was in a family function when my aunty introduced me to Soni’s mother, Suvarnini. Though we are relatives, I had no opportunity to speak to her. 
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Away from the crowd, we found a place to talk. She started telling about her son who was a famous Malayalam journalist and a television anchor. Even though I haven’t talked to her before, I thought she was a strong woman. But like any mother, she was highly disturbed with her son’s missing. I realized that woman becomes weak when her kids are affected. After Soni’s missing, the health of Suvarnini has worsened. She now has diabetes, variation in blood pressure and also heart ailments. 
Just A Call For Mom
To get rid of the worries, physicians have asked her to watch TV and relax. However, when she watch news channels, memories of her son keep haunting her. Her only relief is the social activities that she does for her villagers. She is a member of local governing body at her town. Her voice trembled several times when she mentioned her son’s name. Yet she did not weep much. Because of continuous crying for some years, her tears have dried up. 
Suvarnini said the rumor that her son is a drug addict is absolutely wrong. “If he was so, why did the channel send him to report such a big event? He was leading the team of Indiavision to cover Goa International Film Festival.” -she says. Well, rumors are the easiest thing to spread. Police and media are searching for this young journalist for past many years. Yet the question of “Where is Soni M Bhattathiripad” remains unanswered! “I will not insist him to stay back home if he is happy with the place where he is now. All I need is a call from him just to confirm he is fine.” –she told me before leaving. 
Just A Call For Mom
I have not seen Soni directly before. Still I believe he can never leave the world of words. If he is reading this, please contact your mom! She is not asking for your comeback. She simply wants to hear your sound. Again, if he comes back there is still a world of media opened for him. The media itself has an addictive power from which journalists cannot hide. He can either get back to news world or live with his village folk. 
Suvarnini has requested me to help her with all possible ways. Writing is the best and only way I know to tell the world about an amazing journalist. Hope there will be some positive reply from readers on this post. Each of the remark will be a hope to that mom. Please do type a comment if you have any clue! Even your prayers will be a relief for her. Let us support her with our words to remain strong and healthy!

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