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Just a Brief Note Put out There on Where We Think Research in DID Should Go (Psych Forum)

By Aynetal3 @aynetal3

Hey Sweetie!
Just a couple paragraphs I'd like you to read.  Maybe then we could talk about it in general?  Someone put forward a request to Multiples to write a short essay on how we'd like to see research in the field of DID being done.  I wrote this and I'm pretty proud of it.  I think I'm getting even after just a few months of doing this work in the field of Multiplicity - a grasp on what's happening out there.  Let me know what you think and if you think the arguments make sense.

Re: Share your experience anyone?

Postby Aynetal3 » Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:23 pmResearch matters because it is not being done to the degree it would be helpful to people with DID, or the world at large. It seems that one of the reasons it is not being researched is because the diagnosis is so questionable, and also because it is not resolved by medication so it is not getting the big dollars of pharmaceutical companies. It has also not been studied as to the beneficial impact to be thinking processes with a different life perspective than singletons, for example good communication is essential, but no one knows this better than a Multiple.
I think the best method of research would be through correlation studies of archival records. Records exist in psychiatric hospitals and records could also be gathered through DID literature - both scientific and historical - written by Multiples. I would also include data collection from Multiples who blog and tweet and join groups such as the groups on Yahoo, Psychforum, experience project, etc ... where Multiples could be found "hanging around" and willing to participate. I also think that studies should be done on people in the professional psychology world, and students that go into those fields to discover the nature of their biases whether or not to believe in the DSM-V manual (DID diagnosis) and another study to determine ALL available treatments. It is a natural block to the community to decide that because it is easier, less time consuming, and less interactive/draining to decide that "integration" is the best method of choice. One part of that study would be to find Multiples who are successful by various means and then learn what helped them. One other point of data collection would be through the prison and "forced-psych" wards. There is a big contention whether people go into the system because their Multiple symptoms, or whether people claim to have systems to avoid punishment and responsibility. This discredits the field and community of DID. There should also be a media campaign after results are found to try to detract from the stigma of being Multiple - such as jokes, comedy, theater, politics, and any organization that wants to state there are more than one way of looking at things or that someone did a flip-flop. It is hard to build credibility when the term DID or Multiple is used so derogatorily.
The objective of research would be to categorize and formulate new information that would be usable for further study. Such as if a long-term "talking" therapy was found to be the most solvent and humanistic treatment for the symptoms of Multiplicity, then it should studied and used to train countless therapists who do not have a handle on the diagnosis and treatment at present. Some of the work should go toward building statistical analysis of the the prevalence in our culture including self-diagnosed and physician/psychiatric diagnosis. And work should occur to look into information out there on "healthy Multiplicity" as a lifestyle - such as Homosexuality was once considered a disorder, but it then became recognized just as an alternative lifestyle. This is not to say that Multiples do not need psychological or financial support while working toward understanding their nature and identity states (good and bad). But, there is a version of psychology that works with "well-being" other than "disordered." This would be very helpful to those of us out here with Multiplicity. 
Lastly, it is extremely important to put research results, especially through papers out in the general public. Most information on DID is not available without high cost to the people who would most benefit reading and trying to understand what is known about their situation. Most writing is done in journals or associations that don't allow knowledge back into the community, so it is a constant dribble happening where mythological information is being re-circulated and regenerated as if that is proof of it's reality, but in truth reality has long since been sifted out. For example, the concept of Multiplicity being produced by "quack" psychiatrists. If a psychiatrist believes he will be blackballed in this manner if diagnosing Multiplicity, why would he be motivated to make the diagnosis. Surely, their is better research out there that would provide answers closer to reality. As well, critical work that has disabled Multiplicity in heavy force is through False Memory. False memory was and is not being used to question EVERYONE's memory - think ALL court cases where testimony is given, it is aimed only at abuse victims - especially sex abuse victims and in large part all people with DID ... this has got to be the crime of the century, but as yet it is not being contested. 
Thank you for doing this work in looking for avenues of research. The field of DID severely needs this kind of help and assistance. Please help us with research.
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This is the original request from PsychForum

Share your experience anyone?

Postby tribeofone » Mon Oct 21, 2013 2:57 amDear All,
I’m posting this after a conversation with lifelongthing, who as moderator has made sure this is within forum rules. Lifelongthing has advised me to keep this as anonymous as possible so I cannot be personally identified, which is why it is a little vague – I hope you understand:
I have the opportunity to give a presentation about DID at a mental health event soon. The presentation will involve a short talk on my part (“what is DID”) and a large poster which will be on display for several days and read by many attendees. There will be dozens of psychologists, neuroscientists, social scientists and philosophers at this event, many of whom do research that can be relevant to better understanding trauma and dissociation. I’m going there to raise awareness of DID and give people reasons why they should be doing research in this area.
This is where I want to enlist your help: I think nobody can better explain why DID research matters than people who live with it every day. I therefore wanted to invite anyone who feels like it to contribute your own opinions in the form of a short text, letter or drawing that I will then put on the poster. I will not change or interpret your contributions in any way except in so far as I will make sure they are absolutely anonymous.
This is NOT a survey or research project ABOUT people with DID - I see it more as a safe and anonymous way in which people with DID can express their opinions about mental health science and practice to the scientists it concerns. Science has a tendency to speak about people in the third person – this is one safe way we can talk back.
Below are a few questions for inspiration, but please feel free to ignore them and write whatever you like:
- What would you say to a bunch of scientists who may be in a position to do research on DID?
- Why do you think research into DID matters?
- What kind of research would you like to see?
- What aspects of DID should researchers look at more (e.g. biological aspects, social aspects of violence and trauma, the inner experience of DID, therapeutic approaches….)
In addition, you could also write about the following:
- What would you like researchers to know about what it is like to live with DID?
- What would you like researchers to understand about your inner experience as a multiple?
Please keep in mind that what you write will be read by complete strangers who may or may not be traumatised themselves. Therefore please keep information general, i.e. do not include any information you would not want strangers to read or that could be triggering for someone else. In particular, please do not include any graphic descriptions of abuse in your text or anything that may allow anyone to identify you personally. Other than that, it is entirely up to you what you write.
It is also entirely up to you if only one alter from a system contributes or several or all – I would recommend though that you get your system’s consent before writing anything as I do not want this to cause conflict for any system. Contributions from littles are very welcome, but please make sure in that case adult parts keep an eye on their safety (as I have no possibility of checking).
I will record people’s reactions at the event and feed them back to you via the forum.
If you would like to participate, please post replies in the forum or send them to me via PM. Any questions, please use the same route.
Many thanks for reading,
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