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Jump Rope, Kick Butt

By Carolyn @CarolynHeintz

jump rope

Are you looking for a simple but oh-so-effective workout that you can do pretty much anywhere? Well, jump roping is just about perfect for that.

That’s right, you can occasionally avoid crowded gyms and those girls who sprint five miles and get off the treadmill looking flawless.

Jump Rope, Kick Butt

“Whew, just finished my workout! Good thing I have this towel for all my nonexistent sweat.”

No, really, I sort of hate them.

(And totally wish I was one of them.)

When I get off the treadmill, I’m looking for the nearest place to collapse:


Well, good news! Jumping rope is one of the most basic and calorie-slaying forms of exercise that you can do right in your home. Plus, Adriana Lima swears by it.

(Disclaimer: jump roping won’t necessarily turn you into a Victoria’s Secret model, but it will give you one kick-butt workout.)

Pick The Right Rope

First things first, all ropes are not created equal. The first step in having a successful jump rope workout is to find the jump rope that is best for you.

Each jump rope serves a different purpose; a beaded jump rope for example, is probably better suited for double-dutchers on the playground (just saying).  If you want a more intense workout, you can purchase a jump rope with weights—but if you are new to jump roping or working out in general, it’s better to start with the basic, no-frills one to prevent injury.

Might As Well Jump

One reason why jump roping is so effective is that it requires the use of several muscles throughout your entire body. By putting all these muscles to work, you burn a lot of calories. Intense jumping rope has the potential to burn up to 1000 calories per hour. Along with calorie loss, jumping rope is beneficial to your heart and lung health.

(For people with concerns about the impact the exercise will have on their joints, it may surprise them to know that when jumping is done correctly, it can have lesser impact than jogging.)

Begin by finding the proper surface. Opt for wood surfaces or workout mats to avoid doing any damage to your body (avoid jump roping on carpet!). Also, remember to stay on your toes—do not come down on your heels. Also, it’s not about jumping high; in fact, you should not jump higher than about one inch off the floor.  Many people who are new to this workout make the mistake of jumping higher than what is required. Keep your hands by your sides and tighten your core for increased effectiveness.

Using a jump rope has some serious benefits. They’re cheap, portable, can be used indoors or outside, and don’t require a lot of space. Jump roping also burns a lot of calories and can (gasp!) actually be fun. Plus, it’s a workout your whole family can get in on.

Now that’s kick butt.

Peace, love, and health,


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