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Juicing : Helpful Or Harmful?

By Becca1122 @fitnesscrazedd

Hello Fitness Crazers!

I’ve tried a 3 day juice cleanse, not as a method to lose weight but to clear the toxins from my system.  It was quite hard for me, since I am use to eating a lot of protein and my daily carb intake in the morning. There is mixed reviews out there about juicing, so I recommend doing your research. What I have noticed is that sometimes when people juice for several weeks or days at a time, they tend to binge afterwards which can do more harm than good. The body could go into shock and store the fat consumed in unwanted places. In my opinion, a healthy clean diet is more of lifestyle choice that can last a lifetime, not just a short time period. Refer to the my Fitness Crazed Clean Eating Guide, on tips for staying healthy!

Juicing : Helpful or Harmful?

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