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Judy's Vintage Fair; Cambridge

By Jacabag @jacabag
This weekend I just happened to be in Cambridge at the same time as Judy's Vintage Fair, and so it seemed rude not to take a look around.
My wedding preparations are now well  under way, so I was on the lookout for anything that might be good for the big day.
I'm more of a homewares kinda gal than a vintage fashionista, and I wasn't sure how much homey things there would be, but I was quite pleased to find a good few stalls of tea cups and other bits and bobs.
Judy's Vintage Fair; CambridgeJudy's Vintage Fair; CambridgeJudy's Vintage Fair; Cambridge
The room at the guild hall looked absolutely amazing...
Judy's Vintage Fair; Cambridge
I made two purchases on the day. One of them was wedding related, and isn't ready to be unveiled yet. All in good time... 
The other was from this cute tea stall: A Charles & Diana teapot which will sit rather nicely with my royal collection! (The obsession came out of nowhere..)
Judy's Vintage Fair; Cambridge
Judy's Vintage Fair; Cambridge

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