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Joy [Film Review]

By Juliasophied @JuliaSophieD

I've seen it! I didn't believe in it anymore. I wanted to see this film ever since I had seen the first trailer, but then it got complicated. Nearly any cinema where I live was showing it and the ones that did decided to show it at stupid o'clock...

But I've made it. Last Saturday was the last chance to see Joy in the city I live in and I was there. Along with three other people and one of them was my friend. The situation was a bit weird, but nevertheless I really enjoyed the film.

Joy is the latest film by David O'Russell starring dream team Jennifer Laurence and Bradley Cooper. And if this isn't enough of a brilliant cast already, there's also Robert De Niro and Isabella Rosselini. And let me tell you they are all doing a great job!

The film is about the life of Joy, who struggles with life but then becomes an entrepreneur running a powerful family business. I know I've maybe spoiled the plot with this already, but as it's based on the real Joy Mangano, so you might know how it ends already. But the end is not the important part of the film.

It's the fight on the way there that ultimately matters. Joy's family is a real mess. She's divorced, but her ex husband is still living in her basement, she has two children, an insane mother and then also her dad moves back in after splitting with his girlfriend. And if that wasn't enough already, she looses her job.

This is the point where she realises she has to change something and she's starting to work hard on her ideas - really hard. It's so emotional to watch it! I was really moved by how hard her life is and how she was still able to keep going.

You really need to watch it! It's an utterly inspiring story. It makes you realise that no matter how rough and hard life might be at the moment if you have enough drive and don't let anything bring you down, you can make it!

Let me know, if you've seen the film and what you think of it - I would love to hear from you. And if you haven't seen it yet, check if it's still running in a cinema near you or preorder the DVD.

Julia x

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