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Journalists Windows: WP 7 Phone Will Not Upgrade to WP 8

Posted on the 23 April 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u

Journalists Windows: WP 7 Phone Will not Upgrade to WP 8 Are you already know it is said that Windows Phone 8 will be able to run applications designed for Windows Phone 7. It is also rumored to be on the phone with Windows Phone 7 will be given an update to Windows Phone 8. This was supported by an Evangelist from Microsoft , where moments later he retracted his remarks are. Support that Paul Thurrott, a Windows observer, said it would not have been possible. According to Thurrott, cell phone containing the Windows Phone 7 will not be possible given an update to Windows 8. Lumia even say 900 is a phone whiz Microsoft also will not receive updates, either whole or in part. He writes on WindowsITPro, 'Allow me to set the record straight. No. It won t Happen. Not for the Lumia 900, and not for any other existing phone. It won t Happen partially, through an update That will deliver just some features, and it won t Happen for Those WHO Such wish to pay for an update. It simply isn t happening. Sorry. But please do not email me about this: I m just the messenger. ' Paul Thurrott itself is one of the most external individuals first saw Windows Phone 7 and he wrote the bookSecrets of Windows Phone 7 with the help of Microsoft. It seems that Paul's statements strengthened the above allegations. This certainly would reduce the enthusiasm of consumers to buy mobile phones that contains the Windows Phone 7. What do you think? source regards, hpmurah2u latest info of mobile price and get your own mobile right now

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By sucker
posted on 30 August at 02:42
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Microsoft has released LITERALLY 19 Windows Mobile operating systems, and NOT ONE has ever been upgradeable or supported after the next OS was released.. If you are STILL BUYING ANY Windows Mobile OS device, you should know by know that you are buying a device at great expense which WILL BE OBSELETE within about 6 months, and Microsoft will not care or attempt to in any way make your device usable or compatible with ANY FUTURE VERSIONS.. IF YOU HAVE NOT LEARNED THIS LESSON WITH MS WINDOWS MOBILE, AFTER THEM PULLING THE SAME SCAM 19 TIMES... YOU REALLY HAVE NO EXCUSES.

Anyone buying a MS mobile OS device is a sucker.