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Joolz: Second Life Packaging

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx
Joolz: Second Life PackagingJoolz: Second Life Packaging

Today's post is slightly different, I've become more and more interested in doing my 'bit' for the environment over the last few months, from recycling to saving water, I received an email from the fabulous company called Joolz, they have the most amazing pushchair in the world by the way (review will be coming up next month!) They told me about the genius way they package their products and I don't understand why no-one has thought of it before! 

Second life for Joolz packaging

Joolz: Second Life Packaging

Sure you can recycle the cardboard box it comes in but why not reuse it and turn it into a chair? Or a bird box?! It's actually a fantastic way to get the kids involved too, Abbie loves to play with anything made of cardboard and sitting in them especially, if you have a toddler then their little minds run wild with what they can do with them, this way they can actually construct something that will also last!

"Joolz products are safely packed in cardboard. Until now, there was only one place for this: the wastepaper bin. Too bad, we said at Joolz. And really not sustainable. Therefore, we came up with a second, useful, life for the packaging of Joolz. Every box - from the pushchair itself, but also from every accessory – can be made into practical and beautiful product. From a lampshade to a bird house and from a picture frame to a chair. Not only can you make something new from the box of the pushchair itself, you can also use the boxes of the accessories to create a new product. From now on, consumers will find the directions on the boxes for cutting out and building one of the fine products."
What do you do for the environment?

Visit the Joolz website :)

Joolz: Second Life Packaging

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