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Jolly Jewellery: SEA CREATURES

By Jollygoodstudio @JollyGoodStudio
The hints from my Jolly Jewellery: Birthday Wishlist post definitely did their job. I was lucky enough to receive the fabulous Tatty Devine Lobster Necklace from my wonderful friend Kim as a birthday gift. I love the necklace, it's so fun and such a random thing to have round my neck. It got me thinking of what other sea creatures I'd like to sea (haha) in jewelry form.
Jolly Jewellery: SEA CREATURES
1. Secret Order of the Narwhal Society Brooch from Touch the Dutch. I do like the idea of being in a secret Narwhal Society and this super brooch would allow me to do just that. I hope there's a secret hand shake to go with it.
2. Dipped Shark Tooth Necklace from Bella Beach Jewelry. Sharks are definitely my favorite sea creature, I'll take swimming with them over sappy dolphins any day. And I love this striking shark tooth necklace. The contrast between the blank and gold is simply stunning.
3. Mermaid Necklace from I Love Crafty. This necklace has been in my Etsy favourites for a while. It's a bit girlier than what I usually go for but it's just so much fun. Check out the whole mermaid range here.
4. Coral Sea Creature Ring by Silverside. This more abstract piece has been cast from actual coral. I really like the contrast of the smooth round ring and the textured bar.
5. Crab Claw Cuff by The Green Glass Door. I'm not much of a bangle person but I do like this snappy crab claw cuff.
6. Underwater Locket from Iluxo. This little locket is amazing! It features a whole host of sea creatures and is perfect for keeping your treasure in.
7. Turquoise Sea Urchin Ring from Porcelain and Stone. This porcelain ring is such a pretty color. I love the urchin texture of it and the way this has been highlighted with the gold.
8. Conjoined Seahorse Spyglass Necklace from Blood Milk. Yes I am featuring another piece of Blood Milk jewelry. What can I say? I just love their collection of creepy statement pieces. And the oxidised finish doesn't hurt either.

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