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Jolly Jewellery: BIRTHDAY WISHES

By Jollygoodstudio @JollyGoodStudio
It's that time again, when I start looking forward to celebrating another year of living. On February 4th I shall move further away from my mid-twenties and on into adulthood. Which is an excellent excuse to do a Jolly Jewellery post where the theme is that I love each and every piece and want it on my person. As you can see I am not maturing much in my jewelry picks. I continue to get attracted by shiney, colourful, fun or slightly creepy pieces. Getting older does not equal boring jewellery, quite the opposite in fact.
Jolly Jewellery: BIRTHDAY WISHES
1. 3rd Eye Ring by Caipora Jewellery. I have mentioned my love of eyes plenty of times on this blog. So it's no wonder I love this awesome eye ring. One for each hand would be amazing.
2. Cross Bones Ring by Bloody Mary Metal. I have been following Bloody Mary Metal on Instagram for quite some time. Every time this ring appears it makes me want it more!
3. Mini Jazzie Brooch from Kim-Anh Chiem. Love this colourful brooch. Small and sweet, just like me :).
4. Ginger Necklace by Bonnie Bling. As a go to place when I'm doing my own gift buying, I only recently realised that I don't own any Bonnie Bling of my own! This ginger necklace is pretty much the perfect piece to sort out this problem.
5. Big Cat Face Necklace from Katze Shop. A big statement piece, that is also a cat, and has added sparkles. This necklace has my name all over it. Not literally, obviously. Also there's 25% in Rosa's shop up to 31st Jan. Perfect timing.
6. Matchstick Brooch by Lou Taylor. I love Lou Taylor's little collection of match brooches. So much so that I found it impossible to pick just one to feature, as you can see.

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