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Join Our Webinar on May 9th: From Blogging to Self-Publishing

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
It is that time again, we're having another Webinar with our friends at Art of Travel Blogging!  Mark your calendars for May 9th at 7:00PM EST for "From Blogging to Self-Publishing: The Next Level."  This Webinar is designed for all those looking to expand their online presence from writing via blogging to releasing a dedicated product for sale!  RSVP now for your slot, as this Webinar will be limited to only 100 participants.
Title: From Blogging to Self-Publishing: The Next Level
Presenter: Jeremy from Living the Dream and The Long-Term Traveler's Guide
Date:  May 9th at 7:00 PM EST (New York City time)
Duration: ~1 Hour
Click Here to RSVP as space is limited or read on for more about the Webinar!
Description of Webinar
"Making the leap from blogging to the world of self-publishing comes with numerous challenges to those looking to expand their brand. Where blogging is about producing free content for readers, self-publishing is dedicated to creating a dedicated product for sale. Website design and SEO are replaced with formatting to vendor specifications and getting listed on retailer websites. Rather than gaining subscribers, the goal of self-publishing takes everything to a new level – making sales.
The self-publishing process may take weeks, months, or even years to create a final product, and the sales effort is an on-going process from there. But to those who put in the effort, a polished product is a reward that will stick around for many years to come."
Topics Covered During Webinar
  • Who Should Self-Publish?
  • Formatting for Release in Print or Digital
  • Print-on-Demand Services (CreateSpace and LuLu)
  • Working with Distribution Companies (ClickBank and e-Junkie)
  • Affiliate Programs Pros and Cons
  • Getting Noticed – Reviews, Contests, and Associations
  • The Cost of Self-Publishing
  • Question and Answer Session
This Webinar is free for everyone to join but is limited to 100 participants.  A recorded video of the presentation will be available to members of the Art of Travel Blogging community and I will be available for follow up Q&A outside of the allotted time for members of the Art of Travel Blogging community as well.
RSVP now by clicking here!
Meeting ID (for iOS app of MeetingBurner): 72375
Disclaimer:  I am not being paid for participating in this Webinar and I do not earn affiliate sales based on your participation in the Art of Travel Blogging community.  I do, however, participate regularly on the internal message boards and highly recommend you join.  If you would like to support us after attending the Webinar, please check out our self-published book The Long-Term Traveler's Guide!

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