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By Golfrefugees
The above table shows which fashion brands are using hormone disrupting chemicals; in this example; ethoxylates (NPE’s).
From Nike t-shirts, Adidas polo shirts to Puma football shirts and many more. You can also see the range of levels in unwashed and washed garments; providing you with clear evidence that these chemicals are contained in the finished product that you and I are wearing.
Funny how brands never mention any of this in their product descriptions to consumers.
Many professional athletes give their time to support cancer charities, to help raise awareness and funding, which is great. But are they missing something important, something right under their noses? The sport shirts they are wearing contain cancer causing chemicals. From substances classified as carcinogenic to endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDC) which are effective at very low doses and alter the function of human cells which can lead to cancer. EDC;s  are particularly hazardous to infants.
It took nearly 40 years to remove highly toxic lead from the gasoline we put in our vehicles despite the clear scientific evidence. Let’s hope it doesn't take another 40 years to remove lead and other cancer causing chemicals from our clothing.
This year we hope to persuade at least one professional athlete to join our campaigns to remove carcinogens and EDC’s from sports apparel.
If you have any concerns please ask your favorite fashion brands about the chemicals they use.

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