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Johnny Strange

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
Johnny StrangeHave you ever heard about Johnny Strange? Well, I never heard about him before, not until last week. I read an  interview article of him in OLOGY website, and from then on, I became one of his fans. I start following him on Twitter, bookmarked his website, subscribe on his YouTube channel and even like his page on Facebook. That's how much I like him and so curious about his life. 
What amaze me about this guy is how young he is to have completely climbed the seven summits. How young you may ask? Oh well, he's just 17 years old by that time. So Amazing! At a young age of 19 now, he will be the youngest person to complete the Explorer Grand Slam (that is seven summits plus making it to the South and North Poles),  when he wears his wing suit to fly to the North Pole.
Both of his parents were adventurers, so its not a puzzle anymore where he got his enthusiasm for mountain climbing and extreme sports came from. 
Johnny StrangeAntarctica's Vinson Massif was Johnny's first climbed mountain at the age 12 and from then on his crave for Mt. Everest starts.
He's an active extreme sports person.  If you don't see him climb, you can catch him doing base jumping, skydiving, downhill skating and more activities that is extreme in nature. As active as he is in his sports, Johnny is also actively supporting the Parkinson's disease research and Genocide Awareness. In fact his picture above this post, which is taken at the top of Mt. Everest,  were a proof of how serous he is about spreading this awareness to the people. 
Now if you want to know more about him, just visit this sites below:Johnny Strange WEBSITEJohnny's TwitterYoutube ChannelFacebook Fan Page
Credits goes to OLOGY.COM for the informations.

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