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Johnny Reid Woo’s in Kitchener…

Posted on the 16 March 2016 by Hendrik Pape @soundcheckblg

Monday night in Kitchener Johnny Reid brought the What Loves All About Tour to the Centre in The Square. Getting a chance to see Johnny in the beautiful venue was a treat as I think the last time I was in the venue was to see the Tragically hip 4 years ago. The 2,000 seat venue was packed for his second performance in as many nights in the city.

The evening started off with Warner Music Canada recording artists Aaron Goodvin kicking things with a solid 3 song set. For those not familiar with Aaron, he is a singer / songwriter from Alberta that has a new album dropping on April 8th. We actually had a chance to sit down with Aaron earlier in the day to hammer out a couple of songs for the Mason Jar Sessions and a quick chat that will be posted later this week. Aaron hit the stage armed with only his guitar and one wicked sense of humour. He entertained the crowd and had the entire audience listening to each word he said. You could actually hear a pin drop between songs while he was talking, well until he made everyone laugh that is.

I got as sense the crowd enjoyed every second that Aaron was on stage and can recall hearing someone in the lobby between sets stating that "Aaron had entertainer written all over him". And I could not agree more. He didn't get up sing 3 songs and rush off stage. He took his time and told a few stories of how he got the opportunity to be on stage opening for Mr. Reid. Be sure to check out Aaron's current single Knock On Wood here.

Next up was another Alberta boy by the name of JJ Shiplett. I had never had a chance to see JJ live so I was excited after listening to his self titled EP which is available at iTunes here, for those that couldn't pick up an album at the show due to them being sold out from the previous shows. (Kinda tells ya he his building a fan base show by show) but I can tell you, I was more than pleasantly surprised.

I also had a chance earlier in the day to sit down and chat with JJ and got to know him a little more. I can tell you that this fella has a really fantastic unique voice. It's raspy but not to the point that everything sounds the same. He has some fantastic songs (stories) and the band that played along side were fantastic. I am going to have to say the favourite song from song from his set would have to be Something to Believe In. Just something about how the lyrics and the music come together on this one. Be sure to grab that EP. I promise it won't disappoint.

Next up... The Captain of the ship, Johnny Reid. Now this was my first full show performance and after catching the CMT Canada - One Night Stand last month which can be viewed online HERE. I was wondering how that intimate feel would translate to a bigger audience. I had heard how great of an entertainer he was and thought it was easy in a small setting lets see how he did it with 2000 jammed in. After witnessing the performance I don't think it would matter if Johnny was playing to 50 or 5000 he makes the show special for EVERYONE. He is a true entertainer. From the emotion he puts into each and every song to the stories that he tells between them that usually left the audience laughing aloud.

About half way through the set he brought out local Laurentian Public School to accompany him on a song. This is arranged through an initiative that Johnny strongly supports and that is Music Counts. After the song was over Johnny mentioned how $1 from every ticket sold from the performances was going to a local music program. Classy. Seriously, that is one heck of an effort considering the man is doing 40+ shows across Canada on this tour. We at SCE applaud that effort immensely and keeping music in the schools is so important for our arts. The night was full of emotion from funny stories (Fishermans Friend) or songs (peacock anyone) and celebrating a birthday to one young lady turning 97 on this night with Johnny.

It was an absolutely fantastic night of music. Highlights being Natalie McMaster coming out for a jig with Mr. Reid and Johnny singing Picture of You. There were so many great moments throughout the show that I would rather you experience for yourself than me telling you how amazing it really is. As the readers of SCE know I have been to a boat load of shows over the years and this ranks up there with Garth Brooks. A true performer that really knows how to keep a crowd entertained. Johnny is always interacting with the audience which is really special for the fans. Makes you feel part of the night there is no doubt about that. If you haven't seen Johnny perform we suggest you get to one of the remaining 13 dates on the tour and you can check those remaining dates out here. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for having us Mr. Reid. It was a pleasure.

Corey Kelly / @CoreyKelly76


Johnny Reid Woo’s in Kitchener…

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