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Johnny English Reborn: Review

Posted on the 19 October 2011 by George @ledonvinton

Johnny english reborn

Am I getting too old?  Maybe I’m grumpier now.  I’d like to think not but I really didn’t like Johnny English Reborn.  It felt like I was watching a comedy that was made ten years ago for ten year old boys.



Yes I get that it’s Rowan Atkinson doing his weird physical comedy thing (no one likes Mr Bean more than me), but all the jokes were so 90s.  There was absolutely nothing that made me laugh.

Maybe if i was a kid this might look like gold but sadly I’m not.  At least not a young one.  The movie was basically made for kids.



Another huge problem was the characters.  Mr Bean, I mean Johnny English had no real charm.  At least compared to the first movie.  He wasn’t smooth and silly in a nice way.  He just felt stupid.

Dominic West was a complete waste.  I’m not asking much from a guy who came from the biggest TV series ever (The Wire) to at least give me his motivation on why he is a bad guy.

Rosamund Pike Johnny english

Rosamund Pike was just pretty.  At least that kept my attention.  She looked pretty sweet in her last scene with Mr English.  That’s all I’m saying

.  And in the weirdest way even with the worst dialogue ever, the black guy Daniel Kaluuya had some charm.  Maybe it was his smile.


Worst thing about the movie- Crazy old chinese woman.  

Frankly I would avoid this at all cost.  This is the true meaning of a waste of time.

Next movie I’m looking forward to seeing is Ides of March.

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