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Jobs for People Using Wheelchairs

By Moamen Enoo
Jobs for People Using Wheelchairs

Having a stable job is an excellentway to make ends meet, converse with new people, and enhance one's skills. The good news is there are multiple careers for individuals with disabilities. Here are some of them:

Work-From-Home Freelancer

Working in a home office setup is a great option. People using wheelchairs don't have to travel to work, and they can avoidthe hassle of commuting. Thanks to technology, many companies are now offering remote jobs. Here are the most popular ones:

    ESL Teaching - Many foreigners are learning English to keep up with the globalized world. Businesspeople and grade school pupils are the common students of ESL companies.

The tutoring sessions are hosted by the teacher via video call, and theylast up to 25 minutes. Anyone can become a tutor as long as they have a bachelor's degree.

    Ghost Writing - Those who have a disability but also possess a talent for composing articles, blogs, novels, and other website content can become a freelance writer. Interested candidates can browseseveral platforms for vacant positions. And, a lot of them pay well.


Working as an accountant is another career people with disabilities can take on. They may work in the private and public sectors, which both have rewarding pay. They'll monitor the financial operations of a business to help it run efficiently. They'll also keep a company's ledgers straight and assist with filing and calculating taxes.

This career requires a bachelor's degree, and those interested should at least have experience in bookkeeping, accounting or auditing, or similar jobs.

Office Administrative Assistant

People using wheelchairs are suitable administrative officers, as almost all of their clerical tasks are performed in front of a computer. They answer and direct calls, take memos, maintain files, and print documents. They also prepareletters and reports and arrange appointments, among other assignments.

Their service is needed at almost every company, including hospitals, adoption centers, schools,marketing agencies, and law offices. There aren't many requirements for this position, but it does help to get employed if the candidate has at least an associated degree from a university or diploma from a technical college.

Those considering working or are already looking for a job should find a service provider of SSI Disability Ticket to Work near them. Doing so willjumpstart their journey to a rewarding career.

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