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Job Interview Questions and Answers

Posted on the 09 November 2013 by Hreric @myhreric

Job Interview Questions and Answers
By: Eric Tutor Cabalda, November 9, 2013. Makati City

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Q: What did you like or dislike about your present job?

I always asked currently employed job seekers why they are looking for a job and in most cases, other Recruiters ask as well. This is something all job hunters should be careful of as your answers might give you a negative impression.

True to the fact that most currently employed who are exploring other opportunities have different kinds of reason such as job dissatisfaction, unfavorable boss, unfavorable working environment and etc.

If your real reason is somewhat negative you have to answer it in a more positive tone. How well you answer this question will leverage your chances of being hired. So what is the best way to answer this?

I enjoy the people I worked with and they provided me the support that I needed when I was new.  They shared their knowledge and trained me well with all the functions I was given.  However, considering that the organizational structure that we have, opportunity to move up the corporate ladder is limited.  I feel that with the fours years of my experience in the organization, it is high time for me to move up as I find myself ready and prepared for  a more and greater responsibility. “

Working for ABC Corporation is an everyday challenge.  It taught me to be more flexible and become thorough in whatever I am doing.  Moreover, my skills were put to a test and I easily managed all the challenges that I encountered.  However, I believe that despite the challenges in my work, my skills are not fully utilized and I believe I can maximize my full potential if I will be given the opportunity to be part of your organization.”

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Remember, no matter how bad your experiences were in your present job, don’t say something negative. I remember one applicants’ answer coupled with a strong emotion regarding how she was treated badly by her boss and how she doesn’t like her. She mentioned all the negative qualities of her boss from the make-up, the hair, the nails and more. As I was listening, I was a bit laughing how she really describe with action how her boss would act. Recruiters are not there to hear you whine and complain and much more criticize.

Project a more positive personality. Convey that you are someone who can bring light, a good vibes to the organization with your maturity. After all, who would want to hire an overly critical person? Actually, that applicant is the kind of employee I am scared of dealing with. So why would I hire people with those kind of attitudes?

Here is another way of answering the question:

“When I saw the job posting in the internet, I instantly knew that this is the right job for me as it requires the skills I have.  Moreover, looking at your company profile I believe that my potentials will be fully maximized and will give me the opportunities I am looking for.”

(Note: be sure to research the company profile as you might be asked like “What did you know about our company?”)

“My present job made me realize that this is not the kind of direction I would like my career to lead.  This job and your company’s reputation will bring me to the career I dreamed of”

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