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Jeremy Irons? Um…

By Actuallystrange @ActuallyStrange

Jeremy Irons is a very well known English film actor. He was born on September 19th, 1948 so he is now 63. I mention this because I don’t want anyone to think that my opinion of him is based on his age. It isn’t. I love Alan Rickman and he’s 65. Age has nothing to do with my opinion on people.

I find some of the things that Jeremy Irons says unsettling  for three reasons:

1) Lolita 

It isn’t because he was in Lolita or because he recorded the audiobook. It’s also not even because he has certain views about how society is too quick to see pedophilia everywhere, because I actually agree with that view.

No, I find Jeremy Irons unsettling because in a YouTube clip which I can no longer find but will post if I do, Jeremy Irons says about Dominque Swain, “She’s attractive; as many 15 year olds are devastatingly attractive (emphasis mine).” This statement bothers me. It’s one thing to say she’s attractive, and even that sounds a little odd coming from a then 49 year old about a 15 year old. The fact that he said that many fifteen year olds are devastatingly attractive and, you’d have to see the clip, it looks like he’s remembering something.

I’m not trying to imply anything untoward on his part, only to say that many men have certain opinions and many men should be quiet about them.  Perhaps he’s an ephebophile which isn’t technically bad; in many cultures for many centuries women were getting married as soon as they were finished puberty. Nevertheless, I find his statement disconcerting.

2) Open-Marriage

Jeremy Irons? Um…

Jeremy Irons is rumoured to have an open marriage. I don’t know if this is true but if it is then I disagree.

I know that some will say, “How can you judge an open marriage? It isn’t your marriage.” True, but as a Christian, I am told to love the sinner and hate the sin. Marriage is meant to be between one man and one women until death, baring infidelity or abuse. An open marriage is not what marriage should be.

If you want to date as many people as you possibly can maybe look at yourself in the mirror and ask why more power to you, but don’t get married. I’m tired of people not taking marriage seriously.According to the below article, Jeremy has said this about his marriage:”Part of our nature is to have as many partners as possible.”

3) A pat on the butt is “friendly communication”, Jeremy?

Jeremy Irons? Um…

Jeremy Irons stated that he believes that giving women a pat on the butt is friendly and not harassment. And for those of who you need more than one source, see here and here.

Here are my thoughts on that: I’d be lying if I didn’t say that Jeremy Irons is on my list of men I don’t know who could do that without being slapped. So, because he’s famous, exceptions are made. Women who say that they’d be horrified are mostly likely lying.

However, I would prefer for the most part for strange men to keep their hands off me and I feel that most women would as well. I hope that no, sorry to call them, commoners read Jeremy Irons statement and thought that it gave them permission to sexually harass women.

So, that concludes it. What do you guys think? Any thoughts on Jeremy Irons? Lolita? Age differences, open marriages, sexual harassment and the like? I’m hoping for lots of comments because I don’t think I’ve covered all points of view on these issues. Or have I?

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