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Jeepers Creepers! 5 Horror Movies That Could Have Used GPS

Posted on the 15 October 2013 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

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You know that feeling you get while watching a horror movie? When you are staring at the screen, screaming, “No! Don’t go that way! Go the other way!” While hindsight is always 20/20 in horror movies, I can’t help but think what it would be like if some of our favorite horror films incorporated features of a GPS fleet tracking solution into the plot. Maybe the hopeless characters would have been able to save themselves from peril or at least helped lower the body count considerably.

The Blair Witch Project

Imagine how this doomed trio could have benefited from a simple GPS tool. These three student filmmakers embark on a camping trip to learn about the fabled Blair Witch. They enter the woods, lose the map, get themselves lost, and hear lots of spooky sounds. A year later, the terrifying camera footage is found and their bodies are never recovered. Perhaps with the help of a Garmin unit or a GPS tracking device, they would have been able to make it out of the woods alive.

The Mist

From a large storm emerges a mist that leaves a large group of people stranded inside a grocery store. As the plot and atmosphere thicken, the group discovers there is also a man-eating monster in the mist. So when a small group eventually escapes, they could have used some outside help navigating the streets. Paired with a guide who was viewing a monitor with real-time GPS data, a fleet tracking solution could have helped the group pilot the misty streets to safety.

The Hitcher

Jim Hasley is in the midst of a cross-country job delivering a car from Chicago to San Diego. When he stops to pick up hitchhiker John, his plan derails and lots of people die. If his vehicle was tracked by Fleetmatics, his fleet manager may have noticed him stopping on the road, presumably for a side job. If Jim knew he was being tracked, perhaps he would have never stopped to pick up John. He could have saved himself the close brushes with death and kept his mind on the job at hand.

Jeepers Creepers

This film begins with a brother and sister duo enjoying a nice drive through the Florida countryside. It is a pleasant day until a rogue delivery truck attempts to run them off the road. Here’s to hoping that the Creeper Truck wasn’t in service that day… I can’t even imagine the Driver Score the driver would have achieved! Jackrabbit starts, in addition to extreme speeding and aggressive driver behavior, would have alerted a fleet owner that his vehicle was being driven dangerously. The siblings could have continued their carefree journey while the errant driver was chastised by his fleet manager, who received a real-time text alert!

The Shining

All work and no panic button make it easy for Jack to go completely insane and terrify his family. The Torrence family was snowed in at the Overlook Hotel with no way to communicate to the outside world if they needed help. If their vehicle had a Fleetmatics Panic Button, Mrs. Torrence would have been able to alert someone on the outside that their lives were in danger. Also, Danny could have utilized some sort of GPS navigation while lost within the Overlooks’s hedge garden.

While these movie characters are doomed to suffer untimely ends for eternity, your fleet drivers aren’t. The Fleetmatics solution can give you the visibility to help your drivers when they need an extra eye on the road.

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