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Jar [plus] Oats [equals] Yummy Breakfast Babies

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey friends!!

We WON last night! Ken was there, I didn’t have to coach and we totally rocked it. It was a great game. And we won by more than 2 points which was quite a relief, I didn’t have a hard time sleeping at all. They played some damn good basketball. Gosh, it was awesome.


Good Job Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!

For breakfast this morning I had OIAJ (oats in a  jar) because I had this…


This oatmeal is super fun, I found it at the Grocery Outlet. You’re supposed to mix the flavors together to make your own super-awesome flavor.

And I had one of these…


Getting jars for OIAJ at my house is kinda a challenge. We definitely scrape it clean. So my oats weren’t very peanutty, but they were a million more ways of awesome because they were made in a jar!!


The oatmeal packets are mini because you’re supposed to use two. Aren’t they so cute. I did Cinn-o-man and Apple-tastic because I thought they’d taste really good with a little peanut butter added. Boy was I right.



I didn’t do the standard overnight oats in a jar because I’m not that organized and I can’t even think about breakfast before the morning, so I just heated up hot water on the stove, poured my instant oat packets in the jar and added the hot water. Voila.


This jar is very tall which led to some very peanutty fingers…… who hates that, right?!


I also had 2 Wicked mugs of Teeccino!!!!!

Guys, I feel absolutely awful. I’m trying to get blog reading into my schedule but it’s been really hard. I miss all of your sweet musings so much!!! Thanks for being so patient with me. Hopefully after this week my schedule will clear up a little……

Tell me about you!!! I want to know……

How do you fit blog reading into your hectic schedules?

What is your go-to oatmeal style? Steel cut? Old Fashioned?

probably old fashioned

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