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Japonesque Brushes Review

By Aspirationsofglam @Aspirationsofgl
Happy Christmas Eve Eve everyone!Firstly can I thank those of you kind enough to contact me sending me your well wishes regarding my crash last Sunday, Thank you that is so kind of you all, it means a lot.I am drugged up to the eyeballs on heavy medication, I struggle to get out of bed but I am certainly on the mend.
I have recently been sent some brushes from a company called  Japoneque.If you watch any American YouTube gurus I'm sure you ll be aware of this brand- I certainly was and looked forward to their arrival.Japonesque creates emphasis on professional products and stocks brushes, palettes, eyelashes and possibly any beauty tool you may need- be you a professional or someone a little like old me this brand is for those that want consistent good results.
Japonesque Brushes ReviewJaponesque Brushes Review
Above there are: Travel Powder Blush BrushTravel Angled Foundation BrushTravel Eyeshadow Crease BrushTravel Smudger Brush
I was immediately struck by the texture of the brushes-they are so fluffy and soft- I'm so pleased that the images I took reflect this.
Japonesque Brushes Review The travel powder brush has got to be my favourite-Considering it is a travel brush it is so fluffy and soft on the face. Because of its size it makes is perfect as a face or body brush.To put it into context of its size let me compare it with a brush I'm sure you will have seen or even own and that's my Elf Professional total face brush.Japonesque Brushes ReviewIts no competition which is the fluffiest- the Japnesque is much more fluffier and has a larger rounded head.With regards to size comparison the Japonesque blush brush is like a slightly shorter younger sibling of the Elf total face brush.I personally feel that the Japonesque brush is a lot more sexier with its sleek dark bristles.I have used it to blend out contouring and to apply bronzer and haven't had any issues with shedding.
Japonesque Brushes Review
The travel Angled Foundation Brush immediately got my attention because Ive not owned a tapered foundation brush before. I like the idea of it though as it helps get into those hard to reach bits. This brush is dense and helps in retaining the liquid as you spread your foundation over the whole of your face- again like the blush brush it is super soft.
Japonesque Brushes ReviewThe travel smudger has been the brush I have been getting the most use out of. It can be used with loose pigment and pressed eyeshadows or even to smudge eyeliner to create a smoky look.The brush is flat flat topped and very dense and does a very good at blending shadows into each other all over the lid, in the crease or out into the corner of the eye.
Japonesque Brushes ReviewLastly is the travel eye shadow crease brush- can a girl really have too many of these?This is brilliant for blending and adding dimension in the crease when using a contrasting eyeshadow colour, like the others its super shoft and because its ickle its perfect for travel.Japonesque Brushes ReviewI really like the packaging for these brushes. Each box is informative so that you get the best possible use of your brush. Its ideal for those starting out with makeup too.
Japonesque Brushes Review
Overall I am very impressed with these brushes, they are high quality but are slightly more value for money than high end such as MAC  or Sigma.
These brushes are available at John Lewis and Boots
Hope your all feeling festive!
Japonesque Brushes Review

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