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Japanese Zen in Your Garden

By Polmast @bonsaiireland

Summer is finally here and this means you can finally relax with a beautiful garden furniture sets. Summer is the best time to set up your backyard and really give your garden the love and care it deserves. There are many ways to achieve that ideal and relaxing garden atmosphere. Here are some ways you can create your very own beautiful and peaceful setting in your own private backyard. Creating that all important relaxing garden atmosphere, is essential to your enjoyment of the sunshine this summer. There is no better way for creating that all important garden ambiance than with Asian or Japanese infused design. Here is how you can create your very own beautiful, relaxing and harmonic heaven in your private yard.

Water Gardens

Add some life to your garden with a water garden that includes a small pond filled with colourful fish such as Koi carp as well as colourful, exotic plants. However, by adding rocks and other fixed features you can add extra aspect to your water feature. Add moss and floating plants such as water lilies and elegant lotus plants. The green, natural aspect of your water feature adds to the character of the water garden, making it seem as though they have been there for years.


Zen or Rock Gardens

Also known as dry landscape gardens, the Japanese rock gardens that are usually found at temples promote a quiet place for meditation. Zen or Rock Gardens are often a good option if you aren’t necessarily blessed with ‘green fingers’ or simply do not have the time to maintain your garden as much as a water garden might require. As it is a dry landscape, often sand and gravel are used to represent water and you can achieve this by raking them into patterns and waves. Using larger stones in certain areas traditionally signify natural elements such as mountains or people and moss can be used on the rocks to represent a forest in the landscape. To add more color and to bring the Japanese aesthetics to your garden, you can plant and grow your own bonsai trees. There are many types of bonsai trees and many ways to display them in your garden. Look into the Japanese bonsai aesthetic to get a better idea on how to apply this technique and design to you own garden.


East meets West garden

With beautiful arches, solar powered water features and elegant, minimalist furniture; at you can combine both East and West to create your perfect garden. By introducing modern minimalist furniture, you can turn your garden into a beautiful and harmonic place to relax. As the weather can be hit and miss, you can alter your Japanese tea garden by having a closed roof on the tea house meaning you can enjoy the tranquility even if the weather is not great. You can also implement the Japanese strolling garden that offers a path directing the attention to certain points of the garden. Using this method, you can direct your guests to different areas and themes within your garden.


Set up your perfect, beautiful and relaxing garden atmosphere by infusing it with Japanese style and aesthetics. By setting up your Japanese garden you should make sure that you don’t lose sight of the key natural elements and ensure that it remains minimalist and clean. Bring your garden back to life this summer and make it into your perfect heaven and enjoy nature around you.


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