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Janet Willson Replied to Marianne Casper's Discussion Scammers

By Waiterstoday @Waiters_Today

This might help someone to know what to look for.

True story. Five ladies and a small child were in my restaurant. Not to be racist but on the off chance that you have the same ladies in your section they were hispanic.

Everything was OK, until the end of the meal. They ordered a meal to go. I made the salad freshly and brought the food. I asked if there was anything I could get out of their way. one woman handed me her plate the other four  had their forks poised above the last bites of food, looking at me, not eating. Three minutes later they had a manager at the table. Their complaints:

I hadn't cleared their plates.

The portion to go was too small. I should have asked if they wanted a dinner portion. (it was lunch)

There was a hair in one of their salads.

The to go salad was not fresh. (I showed it to colleagues and managers and it was perfect)

What happened?

Their $95 check was marked down to $14 and they didn't give me a cent.

Why do big companies insist on appeasing "customers" like this?



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