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IVF Treatment: Myths & Misconceptions

By Momatlast @momatlast

Written by Bruce Rose

If youre interested in learning about infertility and in vitro fertilization, you’ve probably seen a lot of conflicting information out there. For someone who desires to know more about IVF treatment, it can be really difficult to separate myth from reality.

IVF Myths

Discover the truth about IVF treatment as we expose the top myths about infertility.

Myth: Infertility is a womans problem

Fact: Sorry guys, but men are responsible for just as many infertility issues as women. Statistics indicate that about 40 percent of infertility is due to female issues while another 40 percent are due to male issues. The other 20 percent of cases are either cause by both parties or for other unknown reasons.

Simply put, infertility is not just a womans problem. Men and women both struggle with infertility issues at the same rate.

Myth: Age doesnt matter for fertility anymore thanks to the medical treatments available

Fact: Despite the advances made in IVF treatment and other treatments, age still certainly plays a factor in an individuals fertility. Statistics show that about 7 percent of women are infertile before they reach the age of 30. 11 percent are infertile by age 35, and 33 percent are infertile by age 40. For women, fertility begins to decline starting at age 27, and then at age 35, the process really starts to speed up. Additionally, lifestyle choices, like smoking, can further speed up the decline in fertility.

IVF treatment cant reverse the effects of age related infertility, so its still important that women who wish to get pregnant do so at the right age. Your physician should be able to provide additional counsel to help you find the time thats best for you.

Myth: IVF treatment always produces multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.)

Fact: Youve probably heard the stories of women who received IVF treatment having twins, triplets, even sextuplets. And you might worry that this will happen to you. Yes, IVF treatment can increase the odds of a woman having multiple births. However, it doesnt always produce multiples, and in most cases, women have single pregnancies. In fact, about 70% of women who undergo IVF treatment have single pregnancies.

Myth: Most women get pregnant easily

Fact: If youre experiencing problems with fertility, youre not alone. The simple fact is that a lot of women struggle to get pregnant. According to one study, about 7.3 million women of childbearing age in the United States struggle with infertility. Thats more than 10 percent of the reproductive age population in the country.

Hopefully, the information in this article has helped to give you a clearer understanding of fertility. If you or your partner are struggling to get pregnant, youre not alone. You dont have to give up hope. Thanks to IVF treatment, you may be able to achieve your childbearing dreams.

The key is to make sure you choose an infertility clinic that has experienced physicians who offer a wide range of treatment options. Find the right clinic for your IVF treatment today.

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